79 Years Later

79 years later and only the characters have changed. And from the Chicago Tribune This is interesting background: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53074154@N00/5740393674/

Massive Revenue Loss Follows California Tax Hike Vote – But the Left’s Dogma Says UNTRUE

Figures Lie, and Liars Figure. Time and again, and Over and Over it keeps happening that lower taxes bring in Revenue, Higher taxes chase Revenue away. So, from the land of Fruits and Nuts they were out to prove this wrong. Raising Taxes, Raises Revenue. Guess what? It didn’t happen. Higher taxes, produced less Revenue. …

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Congratulations to President Obama!

He has achieved his goal early! The national debt stood at $16,015,769,788,215.80 as of the end of Friday, August 31, 2012. Your Editor, taking the averages, had projected it would cross the $16 trillion threshold on Thursday, when Barack Obama was delivering his acceptance speech to the Democrite National Convention, but the President exceeded my …

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Closing in on $16 Trillion

As of Thursday, August 30, 2012, the national debt stood at $15,990,541,092,391.91. It grew from $15,976,519,029,144.14 the previous Thursday, or $14,022,063,247.77. If the national debt grows by the same amount in the next week, it will stand at $16,004,563,155,639.68, topping $16 trillion, on the night that President Obama accepts the nomination of the Democratic Party …

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‘T’would be most appropriate

The national debt was $15,975,222,200,557.28 as of yesterday, and it just might top $16 trillion during the Democratic National Convention. In 3½ years under President Obama, we have added almost half a trillion dollars more to the national debt since President Obama was inaugurated than was added during the entire eight years that George W …

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King Obama Guts Another Law by Fiat (not the car)

Our steamed President wannabe dictator, has voided a section of the Welfare Reform Law that was hammered out through Compromise between a Republican Congress and President Clinton. Our steamed President wannabe dictator along with the compliant HHS secretary gutted the law by Fiat. Well, he just rewrote it to fit his desires and told Congress …

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The frustrations of Paul Krugman

Mr Grey Ghost, formerly a (very) occasional writer on the old site, and the proprietor of Politik Ditto, pointed out this article to your Editor: Krug attacks! The nation’s most dangerous economist, Paul Krugman, releases another book with his only idea for Dems — spend more money Last Updated: 8:53 AM, May 27, 2012 | …

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