The American Left and their (not so) subtle anti-Semitism

From The Wall Street Journal:

Palestine and Double Standards
The world is outraged by Israeli self-defense but only ‘concerned’ when Muslims kill Muslims.
By Bret Stephens | Aug. 4, 2014 7:29 p.m. ET

What follows are excerpts from a June 30, 2014, news account by Tim Craig, the Washington Post’s bureau chief in Pakistan:

Pakistan’s military launched a major ground offensive in the northwestern part of the country Monday, beginning what army commanders say will be a ‘house-to-house search’ for terrorist leaders and other militants.

The offensive began after two weeks of airstrikes in North Waziristan. . . .

In a statement, Pakistan’s military said its soldiers discovered ‘underground tunnels’ and ‘preparation factories’ for explosives during the initial hours of the ground assault. . . .

Backed by artillery and tanks, troops killed 17 terrorists Monday, the army said. Combined with the toll from airstrikes that began June 16, a total of 376 terrorists have died in the offensive, the army said. . . .

More than a half-million residents fled North Waziristan ahead of the ground offensive. The mass evacuation of the area, which has a population of about 600,000, was intended to limit civilian casualties during the operation. The military also set up checkpoints in the area to trap militants.

There’s a lot more at the link, but Mr Stephens, the author, takes us through what else has been happening:

  • Some 1,600 people were killed in Iraq in July, as ISIS fights against the government;
  • In the last ten days, about 1,800 people have been killed in the continuing civil war in Syria; we only heard about Syria when chemical weapons killed about 1,600 people, even though the civil war has produced about 100,000 deaths;
  • Fighting continues in Libya, where a couple hundred people have been killed; and
  • Boko Haram’s war in Nigeria continues, with about 3,000 killed and as many as half a million displaced. Most of the deaths are by one Muslim group against other Muslims. We only heard about Boko Haram when they kidnapped a few hundred girls, and, oddly enough, the fact that Boko Haram is an Islamic jihadist group tends to go unmentioned.

Mr Stephens’ point was explicit in his conclusion:

As for racism, people often point out how peculiar it is that the Jewish state seems to arouse a level of condemnation that never seems to apply equally elsewhere. But perhaps the real racism is the indifference to Muslim suffering around the world when the person dropping the bomb or pulling the trigger is another Muslim. A world that makes a fetish of the alleged guilt of Israel is also a world that holds too much Muslim life cheap.

We have already noted that many of the protests against the Israeli action in Gaza are just as much anti-Semitic as they are anti-Israeli policy. It is intellectually possible to be opposed to Zionism, the belief that the Jews should have a separate nation, and to Israeli government policy, and not be anti-Semtic, but it is an intellectual trick I have never personally seen accomplished.

Is the war in Gaza a nasty one? Yup, sure is! All war is nasty business, and people, innocent people, get killed in all wars. But the left are trying to attack Israel because there are some non-combatant casualties, some deaths among infants and children, while they don’t give two hoots about all of the innocent people killed when Muslims are fighting amongst themselves.

We pointed out how Brandeis University — a Jewish college! — withdrew a planned honorary degree award for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a native Somali woman who has spoken out against female genital mutilation and other excesses perpetrated in the name of Islam. In the name of multiculturalism, of course, because Brandeis can’t offend anyone.

There is a huge, huge double standard going on among the left, one which criticizes Israel for everything it does, yet sweeps under the rug any mention of the murders and wars and rapes and abuse of women when done by Muslims. Many on the left at least try to be subtle about it, and some don’t even realize exactly what they are saying, but it doesn’t take long to find out-right anti-Semitism, to find things which could have been lifted straight from Mein Kampf.

Norman Berdichevsky wrote American Jews’ Paradoxical Allegiance to the Democratic Party, trying — somewhat vainly — to explain the strong loyalty of American Jewish voters to the Democratic Party. If anything good comes out of the war in Gaza, it could be that American Jewish voters will finally see that, in giving their votes to the left, they are giving their votes to people who hate them.
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Making some sense on welfare in New Mexico

From the Associated Press, via MSN Money:

State proposes work requirement for food stamps
By Barry Massey

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – Gov. Susana Martinez’s administration proposes to re-impose and broaden work-related requirements on low-income New Mexicans to qualify for food stamps.

Starting in October, the state plans to restore a 20-hour-a-week work requirement for an estimated 26,600 childless adults to get food stamps. The mandate was suspended in 2009 because of the national recession. On-the-job training and community service also can help meet the work mandate.

The administration also proposes to implement a new requirement for low-income parents and other caregivers of children age 6 and older. Adults would have to search for a job or participate in community service to obtain the food assistance.

Food stamp-eligible parents or other household members caring for a child — regardless of the child’s age — have been exempt from job search requirements. Pregnant women and some others, including those who are considered physically or mentally unable to work, will continue to be exempt.

About 420,000 New Mexicans receive food stamps averaging $265 a month. Children represent about 46 percent of those receiving assistance.

The Human Services Department says it’s uncertain how many people would be affected by the proposed job search changes.

More at the original. But the interesting part was further down: since the state restored the work requirement on a limited basis last summer, the number of food stamp recipients dropped by about 20,000 people.

Now, what could account for that decrease? There are some possibilities which have nothing to do with the new work requirements, such as some past recipients moving out of state, or getting married and having a greater family income; there were probably even a few who died. But there are three major possibilities that are the most probable:

  1. Some recipients found new or better jobs without the incentive of losing food stamps;
  2. Some recipients found new or better jobs due to a more diligent search due to the new requirements; or
  3. Some recipients decided that they rather go without food stamps than get a job.

It’s probable that all three of those reasons took a significant chunk of those 20,000 people off of food stamps, and it doesn’t really matter which one it was: all are positives!

After President Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996 into law, welfare cases dropped. Some of that was due to a string economy, but part of it was also due to the hard incentive facing welfare recipients: a maximum of two consecutive years, and five years lifetime, on public assistance. People who were used to living on the dole realized that they couldn’t stay on welfare for very much longer, and, surprise, surprise, it turned out that many of them actually were able to work for a living, actually were able to get jobs.

The New Mexico regulations are somewhat different. They don’t establish a consecutive years or lifetime cap on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP, the name under which the old food stamps program is run, but they do impose a requirement that able-bodied people either work or train for work to stay on the program. Why that would be the slightest bit controversial is beyond me.

The Real Hundred Years War, and It’s Still Raging

I came across this the other day and found it very interesting. I did send it to my “well into history” Brother and he said it was fairly factual. But this month 100 years ago the War to end all Wars, or The Great War started. Although a hideous and punative end Treaty to the war was signed at Paris. It was just a break until the next war started. That ended, and Firestorms have been fought since due to the effects of the First war. The article is interesting in that most of today’s issues have their genesis 100 years ago.

Did You Know These Facts About THE FIRST WORLD WAR?
August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of what became known as the First World War.

Catastrophic Watershed
1914 marked the end of the greatest century of Missions and the beginning of what proved to be the worst century of persecution. The consequences of the First World War continue to have far reaching repercussions to this present day.

The Great War
Contemporaries called it The Great War because it was literally greater than any war ever waged before that time. In numbers of soldiers involved, in numbers of casualties, in terms of the disastrous consequences, it was the most catastrophic event in the history of civilization.

When Christians Ruled the World
In 1914, Christian nations ruled virtually the whole world. With the exception of China, Japan and the Ottoman Empire, the globe was dominated by Christian powers, either Protestant, as in the case of Britain, Germany and the United States, Roman Catholic as in the case of the Austria Hungarian Empire, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the French Empire, or Orthodox as in the case of the Russian Empire.

- See more at:

Education spending in Philadelphia

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Study says more money hasn’t helped Philadelphia schools
Martha Woodall, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer | Published Saturday, August 2, 2014, 1:07 AM

The day after state legislators canceled a vote on a cigarette tax to benefit Philadelphia schools, a Harrisburg think tank released a report that said the additional money the district has received in the past had not helped.

The fiscally conservative Commonwealth Foundation on Friday said its analysis showed that while the district’s annual budget had grown by $1 billion since 2002, student achievement has lagged: 80 percent of students cannot read or do math at grade level.

“There is no question there is a crisis and a need for serious reform in Philadelphia schools,” Nathaniel Benefield, a foundation vice president, said Friday.

But giving more money to the district through a “quick fix” like the $2-a-pack cigarette tax would not solve its problems, he said.

District officials dismissed the four-page report.

“It adds noise to a conversation that should be about facts,” district spokesman Fernando Gallard said. “You cannot apply simple math to a complex problem. That is what they are trying to do.”

More at the link, but the agenda of the city’s educational bureaucracy is obvious: Mr Gallard said that the “conversation” should be about the facts, but when it comes to a very inconvenient fact, why that’s just “noise.”

It is, as usual, a tactic of the left to try to dismiss inconvenient facts as “simple math (applied) to a complex problem,” as though “simple math” cannot possibly have anything to say about a complex problem, but the Commonwealth Foundation’s “simple math” demonstrates that “revenue and expenditures have increased despite declining enrollment,” and “Even accounting for inflation, the district has received revenue increases from state, local, and federal sources,” but student performance still lags.

Despite Spending More on Education, Performance is Lagging

  • Philadelphia is one of several large city school districts participating in the “Nation’s Report Card” using the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores every two years. Progress has been flat since 2009. In 2013:
    • More than 80 percent Philadelphia students failed to make proficiency in both reading and math.
    • Philadelphia’s fourth and eighth graders scored below average, when compared to other large U.S. cities, in both reading and math.
    • For both grade levels and subject matters, Philadelphia had approximately twice the number of students perform “below basic” than other participating cities.
  • Philadelphia charter schools outperformed Philadelphia district schools in the 2012-2013 Department of Education’s School Performance Profile. The average charter school earned a score of 66, while the average district school was at 57.5.
  • As a result, many parents are choosing to take their children out of district schools and enroll them in charter schools. Yet demand exceeds capacity. In 2013, 44,000 students were on waiting lists for placement in a charter school, according to the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, most of these in Philadelphia.

Enrollment has Declined More Rapidly than Staff

  • Enrollment in Philadelphia district schools has consistently declined over the last ten years. The district was responsible for 25 percent fewer students in 2012-2013 than in 2002-2003.

More at the link; the .pdf file of the complete report may be found here.

The “simple math” of the Commonwealth Foundation notes that while there are now fewer teachers in the Philadelphia system, the number of students has dropped by a greater percentage than the number of teachers (6.71% vis a vis 25.32%), and the student/teacher ratio has actually declined, by a whopping 19.97%. If increasing per pupil expenditures and decreasing student/teacher ratios are the cures that the education bureaucracy have been telling us they are, then we should have seen a significant gain in student achievement in the City of Brotherly Love, but we have not. Rather, despite the school district’s yearly complaints about not having enough money, the district has been seeing more and more money spent, on a per pupil basis, even accounting for inflation, and continually decreasing student/teacher ratios, no progress at all has been made in Philadelphia, while the data show some improvements in large cities in general, in Pennsylvania statewide, and in the nation as a whole.

In any private business, if an increasing investment was being made in a particular project or product, and no increased return was being realized for that increased investment, the CEO would eliminate that increased investment and fire the lower-level executives who ran the program. In any rational assessment, the conclusion would have to be that the increased investments did not yield the projected results. It’s only in the strange world of the education bureaucracy and the Democratic Party that the failure of the increased investments to yield the projected results, to yield any results, that the conclusion would be that the investments have to be increased even more.

As for the proposed, but as yet not approved, $2.00 per pack cigarette tax, your Editor really doesn’t care whether it is passed or not. The tax would be collected only in Philadelphia, meaning that city residents anywhere close to the county lines1 who buy cigarettes will simply cross into the suburban counties to buy their cancer sticks. At $2.00 a pack, or $20.00 a carton, the trip is economically worthwhile. The Editor does not live in Philadelphia, nor does he smoke, so the tax doesn’t affect his family or him in the slightest. And, quite frankly, it puts the onus for increased spending on Philadelphia schools on Philadelphia residents, where it ought to be. Of course, poorer people tend to smoke in greater percentages than do the well-to-do, so this new tax, if approved, will fall more heavily on poorer people, and Democrats, so it’s kind of humorous to see the Democrats urging it on. And if the tax reduces cigarette consumption in Philadelphia, the anticipated revenues will not be realized, and the school district will come back, begging for more money. With the Democrats, with the educational bureaucracy, that’s simply a given. It won’t actually help anything, but when has that ever stopped the left from wanting to spend more tax dollars?

  1. Philadelphia County borders Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks Counties.

A Wondering Question – Christian Groups

I was just thinking about the slaughter of the Branch Davidians about two decades ago. Still wondering why they were handed a death sentence without a trial. Same as the fellow and his wife in Idaho a few years before that. We know that the other religion that is at war with anybody who dares disagree with them in the slightest. Now what if a sect of a non-denominational religion adopted all the tenents of the group that hates everyone, but does have, have say the hate filled rhetoric of the group from Kansas where its hate-filled leader recently died. But instead of being a small group like that, they were a group of millions everywhere. What would the government do? And would what they do to the other group to be “Fair” and “Equal”? Or would it be a Branch Davidian Redux? Wandering minds need to know?

Rule 5 Blogging: Fighting for their Flag

It’s the weekend and time, once again, for THE FIRST STREET JOURNAL’S version of Rule 5 Blogging. Robert Stacey Stacy McCain described Rule 5 as posting photos of pretty women somewhat déshabillé, but, on this site, our Rule 5 Blogging doesn’t put up pictures of Esti Ginzburg in her summer clothes, but women, in full military gear, serving their countries in the armed forces. The terribly sexist authors on this site celebrate strong women, women who can take care of themselves and take care of others, women who have been willing to put their lives on the line in some not-so-friendly places, women who truly do have the “We can do it!” attitude.

Current events dictate that we return to the women if the Israel Defense Force, but if some of today’s pictures show Israeli combat soldiers smiling, the recent news is no laughing matter, no cause for smiles.

Their country's flag

Their country’s flag

Your Editor has read a lot of history, and he cannot recall a single similar case, a case in which a people (supposedly) seeking independence could win their war by laying down their arms, but that is what the Palestinians could do.

The Israelis are tired, just plain tired, of having to pay higher taxes, of almost universal conscription, of alerts and the nagging danger of random fire from Gaza and the potential of suicide bombings anywhere, at any time. If the Palestinians would just stop shooting at Israel, the Israeli public would demand that their government give the Palestinians the West Bank and Gaza for their own nation, just to get the occupation and the shooting over. If the government did not comply with the public’s wishes, the people would change the government, something very easy to do under a parliamentary system in which leading party always seems to have to form coalitions with minor parties to form a government.

The problem is what it has always been: what we in the civilized West think are the Palestinians’ goals is simply wrong. We think, somehow, that the goals of the Palestinians is to have an independent nation based on the pre-June 1967 borders. That we think would be a perfectly reasonable, split-the-differences solution, because we all know that:

  • The Palestinians cannot drive the Israelis out of the Holy Land; and
  • The Israeli dream of a “Greater Israel,” ארץ ישראל השלמה‎, Eretz Yisrael Hashlemah is a pipe dream, one which they cannot now achieve.

But, while the vast majority in Israel realize that Eretz Yisrael will never be achieved, is just empty talk, enough Palestinians, primarily those in leadership positions and those with guns, apparently believe that yes, if they just keep fighting, they can drive the Jews back into the sea.

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From Around the Blogroll

From The Los Angeles Times:

Ebola virus heading to the U.S.: Here’s why you don’t need to panic
By Christine Mai-Duc

With Emory University Hospital in Atlanta planning to receive and treat two U.S. citizens who are sick with the Ebola virus, some Americans have expressed fear that a deadly outbreak — which has killed at least 729 people in West Africa — could spread in the United States.

If you’re one of them, you can calm down. Health officials say there is virtually no danger to the public. Here’s what you need to know about the deadly virus:

What’s the likelihood of a major Ebola outbreak happening in the U.S.?

Remote, according to officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If an Ebola patient were to be identified here, American health systems would quickly identify, isolate and treat the person, along with anyone who may have come into contact with him or her.

The chances are “remote,” according to the article. However, unless the author is using the incorrect word, the word “remote,” when referring to probabilities, does not mean none, does not mean zero.

The CDC and the World Health Organization say it’s very unlikely that American travelers to West Africa could contract the disease, since they would have to come in direct contact with an infected person’s blood, organs or other bodily secretions.

Weak healthcare systems in West Africa have led to the virus spreading rapidly there. So have traditional burial rituals that involve washing the bodies of loved ones after death.

These paragraphs tell us why the probabilities of Ebola spreading here are very small, which is helpful, and why the Ebola virus is spreading almost uncontrollably in West Africa, but, again, we are being told that the probabilities of Ebola spreading in the United States are not zero.

Why are we bringing people known to have Ebola into the country?

Evacuation to the U.S. ensures that the two aid workers will have access to “modern medical facilities and technology” that could save their lives, a White House spokesman said Thursday.

Dr. Kent Brantly and missionary Nancy Writebol both contracted Ebola while working in Liberia and are in serious condition, according to Christian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse. Plans are underway to transport them to the U.S. by early next week.

A lot more at the original.

Dr Brantly and Mrs Writebol are both brave people, and American citizens. By bringing them back to the United States, they will certainly receive better care. But, as Dr Sanjay Gupta reported on CNN,1 there are — or now were — no known cases of the Ebola virus or Ebola hemorrhagic fever anywhere in the Western hemisphere. We may have a lot of respect for Dr Brantly and Mrs Writebol — I certainly do — but it is just plain stupid to bring people infected with a deadly, contagious virus to a place where that virus has never previously spread. Precautions are wise, and precautions are great, but accidents happen, things can go wrong, and one mistake here could mean the deaths of a lot more Americans, could mean the spread of a disease that was previously not here.

After all, the patients were working with Ebola patients, they knew the risks, they knew the danger, and knew the precautions which had to be taken . . . and they were still infected. Dr Gupta reported that it is believed2 that another health care worker, a local, came in contact with the disease, became infected, and came to work sick, coming in contact with Dr Brantly and Mrs Writebol outside of the isolation areas, and that is how they became infected. While we assume that the workers at Emory University Hospital will take extreme precautions, it has to be remembered that not every worker there is a doctor or nurse or health care professional: there are janitors and laundry service and other people, not all of them well-trained, working at hospitals, performing essential functions without which a health care institution cannot function.

Dr Brantly and Mrs Writebol are both very brave people, but they should have been treated in the area in which the disease is already present. Such would probably lessen their chances of surviving Ebola hemorrhagic fever, which is regrettable, but would not introduce the Ebola virus into the Western hemisphere, where it will probably, but not definitely, be contained.

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  1. Saturday, 2 August 2014, between 11:00 and 11:10 AM
  2. From the tone of that part of the report, I’m not sure that this part isn’t just speculation.

Der Führer would be proud of them!

Found on Facebook:

Jennie Johnstone shared a link.
8 hours ago
You’d best get the full story before you take sides on the Israeli/Palestine issue. You can’t help but notice the Nazi like operation of Israel upon Gaza. Invest time into understanding it. Seriously.

The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel & Zionist World Government

Published on Dec 7, 2012

“Jews will fall victim once again.”

Jim Condit Jr. and Christopher Jon Bjerknes (whose maternal grandfather was Jewish) discuss their intensive research and their many Jewish and non-Jewish sources (like Dietrich Bronder, Hennecke Kardel, Eustace Mullins, Antony Sutton, Samuel Untermayer, Donn de Grand Pré, James Pool, Bryan Mark Rigg, Alan Abrams, Edwin Black, Lenni Brenner, Norman Finkelstein, Ignatius Trebitsch-Lincoln, Moses Pinkeles, Hans Frank, Douglas Reed, David Gardner, Greg Hallett, Erik Jan Hanussen, Moses Hess, Theodor Herzl, Louis L. Snyder, Ian Kershaw and many others) concerning the Jewish roots of Adolf Hitler, the involvement of Jewish bankers in the rise of Hitler and the NSDAP, the Jewish soldiers in Hitler’s army, the Holocaust, why Zionist Theodor Herzl promoted anti-Semitism, the Jewish financiers behind the Soviet Union, Netanyahu’s wish to attack Iran, and the prediction of Moses Hess (creator of National Socialism in 1860) that there would be a race war and that Jews would have to suffer in order to be reestablished in Palestine…
Recorded on Wednesday May 23 2007.

And then there was this comment:

Dave McDonald, who describes himself on Facebook as the “Owner at David M McDonald Lawn (and) Landscape,” which is located in Orlando, Florida.

Dave McDonald Calling the Israelis “Nazis” actually helps reinforce jewish propaganda about WW II, aka the psychological brick of the sinister Joo World Order. The Germans were fighting against the jew bankers who funded Bolshevism destroyed Russia and who planned on doing the same to the rest of the planet, and the “evil nazi” “gas chambers” story also just so happens to be a huge part of the foundational myth of Israel. Even Stalin himself was so impressed with the accomplishments of the Germans that he shifted his entire policy of the USSR to try to be more like NSDAP Germany, purging thousands of jewish communists and deporting jews to Siberia. This is why the jews poisoned Stalin, who died on PURIM. Say what you will about Stalin, but he definitely became sick of working for the jews and he lashed out at them harshly, undoing everything the so-called Bolshevik Revolution ever accomplished, setting the stage for the collapse of communism, and sending the bolsheviks packing for America, where they re-emerged as the neo-Cons aka NEO-COHENS. Stalin set the stage for the massive victory being accomplished now by Comrade Putin. It may benefit our cause to call the Israelis (and neo-Cohens) “bolsheviks” instead of “Nazis”, SINCE THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE!! Don’t reinforce the jewish narrative of WW II, it only benefits Israel. Calling the Israelis “Nazis” actually provides cover for them, whereas calling them “bolsheviks” blows their cover and shatters their essential foundational myths.

Of course, Mr McDonald, when called on it by me, stated:

I am anti Israeli genocide, homocide, deception, bribery, and sabotage of the American political system. If that that makes me “anti-semitic” then so be it. Learn the true defintion and application of the expression. I especially despise AIPAC and all of the AIPAC whores serving in American government who serve Israel and the Jewish lobby and ignore the plight of America and her citizens! American cities are allowed to ROT while we send our money to these parasites and fight their imperialist wars instituted through deception and fraud!

I have said it before: it is intellectually possible to be opposed to Zionism and to Israeli government policy and still not be anti-Semitic, but I have never seen anyone who actually fit in that rather narrow intellectual slot. Mr McDonald then added another comment:

The modern founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl once said:

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends”.

I replied:

As it happens, I have Mr Herzl’s “The Jewish State” on my Kindle. Please, be good enough to tell me where I can find that statement in his book. Why do I ask for the citation? Because I seriously doubt that he ever said that, and I doubt that you can point me to a CREDIBLE source which cites it. He did state that the sufferings of the jews would have to worsen for the idea of emigration to the Holy Land would occur, but I very much doubt that he said the rest.

The conspiracy theorists explained, in one cartoon!

Skipping over a few comments, another person posted evidence that the quote Mr McDonald attributed to Theodor Herzl was a fabrication, so I gave Mr McDonald the benefit of the doubt:

And that means that Mr McDonald needs to reassess his views. If he has been quoting falsifications — things I assume he did not know were untrue — it has to be asked how many other things he knows are from deliberately falsified sources. If the information on which he has based his opinions is false, does that not mean he must revise his opinions?

But, though given a perfect out, Mr McDonald instead doubled down:

Whether fake or not. .all you have to do is look at their d his statement resonates with truth. You will find site that say the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is fraudulent. .but all you have to do…if you are awake. .is look around and see how everything in it is coming to its fruition.

There’s more, and it’s just as tedious, but it is, in fact, very serious. Mr McDonald is just one example; there are thousands and thousands of other people just like him, who parrot words and hold beliefs which could have come straight out of Mein Kampf.1 When I read the words that they are writing, I can easily associate them with the not-so-distant past; millions of Germans swallowed those words, and millions of Germans voted for the Nazis, and if it was the Nazi’s Sturmabteilung thugs who took most of the actions during Kristallnacht, it and the anti-Jewish programs of the Nazis could not have continued without the tacit support of millions of Christian German civilians, some who cheered, and some who watched, and some who just looked the other way.

It is because I will not look the other way2 that I continue to read that kind of stuff, and continue to argue with the anti-Semites, and continue to publicize the crap that they say.

  1. I have read Mein Kampf, and wonder how anyone could swallow those mad ravings. Perhaps it reads better in German than English.
  2. The Editor is not Jewish, either religiously or ethnically.