Comments & Conduct Policy

While we always support the free expression of ideas, constant name-calling, personal attacks or attempts to expose individuals who prefer to post or comment anonymously will receive the same treatment they’d get were someone to submit such as a Letter to the Editor in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL or The New York Times. Comments which threaten other commenters, whether physically, personally, financially, in their employment, or legally, will be deleted, and the person who made such threats will have his privilege to comment here revoked. Repeat violators will simply have all of their comments deleted. Further, certain topics, while of some interest, are simply dead-enders, things on which no amount of argument will ever persuade the other side: I do not care if you believe that the World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolitions and was done so with the knowledge of Dick Cheney, or whether Al Gore really won the 2000 election, or whether George Bush knew there were no banned weapons in Iraq, those are simply not going to be topics on this site unless one of the site writers or I raise such topics.