Designed to fail
The Democrats wanted a single-payer system all along

And the liberals don’t really even care. From THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: The Coming ObamaCare Shock Millions of Americans will pay more for health insurance, lose their coverage, or have their hours of work cut back. By Daniel P Kessler In recent weeks, there have been increasing expressions of concern from surprising quarters about the …

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The Democrats wanted a single-payer system all along

’ »

Pres. Alinsky and How To Screw Israel

Here’s how to piss off and alinate friends. Just do what Pres. Alinsky Obama Did Obama: “Not Fair” Palestinians Don’t Have Their Own State, Not A “Free People” Because of Israeli “Occupation”… ​President Obama told Palestinians they “deserve an end to occupation” and an “independent state of their own,” during a visit Thursday to a …

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I suppose that this isn’t a surprise

Chavez Joins Lenin And Mao In Glass Casket Eternity By Ryan Villarreal | March 07 2013 10:09 PM Like the giants of the socialist governments of yesteryear, the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez’s body will be embalmed and permanently displayed in a glass casket at the Museum of Revolution. Chavez died Tuesday at the age …

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$16.5T Debt – $19.4T in IRA’s – Gov’t Thinks We’re Too Stupid To Manage Our Own Money – I Smell a Giant Rat

Are we too stupid to manage our Own Retirement? BO thinks so. The gummint thinks it should “Step In To Help Us” or is that help themselves to our own money. Retirement Savings Accounts Draw U.S. Consumer Bureau Attention By Carter Dougherty – Jan 18, 2013 12:01 AM ET The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau …

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Alignments And Auras: A Way To View The World

I wrote an article with the above title on Truth Before Dishonor back in 2011. The Socialist Perry and the Socialist New Zealand troll, with their constant blatherings, red herring hunts, personal attacks and whatnot, have served to remind me of the article. So I’m republishing it here. Take note of where the tyrannical, Big …

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79 Years Later

79 years later and only the characters have changed. And from the Chicago Tribune This is interesting background:

The Most Important Person In The World

“The most important person in the world to you is you, and you hardly even know you.”   That was the most evil, most vile, most satanic, most sadistic, most corruptive, most destructive jingle and ad campaign of the 1970s. It created tens of millions of narcissists nationwide. 50 million of them voted for the …

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Cumulonimbus + AgI = ??

A dark cloud follows him wherever he goes. Every cloud has a silver lining. Farmers obviously need rain for their crops, so there are some who resort to cloud seeding, adding silver iodide to the clouds to try to force rain out of them. But it’s a bad idea to seed a thunderstorm cloud. Cumulonimbus …

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Take One Step Forward, Then Take 25 Steps Backwards

Obama Delivers Victory Speech in Chicago After Decisive Election Win: ‘The Task of Perfecting Our Union Moves Forward’ Posted on November 7, 2012 at 1:39am by Jason Howerton President Barack Obama delivered his victory speech to thousands of rowdy supporters shortly before 2 a.m. Wednesday morning following his decisive win over Republican presidential candidate Mitt …

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How Did The Weimar Republic Collapse?

Weimar Germany had an economic crisis. The Germans elected a bunch of politicians who scapegoated large groups of Germans, pitting Germans against each other. German political leaders turned their backs on their Constitution, and the German people followed along, like sheep, out of a sense of expediency and crisis. Free Germany then collapsed into a …

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