Wisconsin Democrat Prosecutors Not Having Fun

HT Hogewash Wisconsin, known as “The birthplace of Progressivism” (view with a grain of salt), had recall elections that didn’t work out so well for Democrats after Governor Walker and the Republicans passed sweeping reforms that severely cut into the slush money Public Employee Unions (and their off-shoots) got out of their subjects — reforms …

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Hector Garza Is About To Take A Trip

Border Patrol Agent – Obama admin. aiding abetting facilitating the smuggling of illegals


From The Conservative Tribune: Michelle Obama Says Campaigning is as Hard as Being a Military Wife It’s unreal how many times Michelle Obama has embarrassed herself and shown just how classless she is. She’s been whining about not getting a salary as First Lady, telling people while on a foreign visit that it’s “very rare” for her to …

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Sonia Sotomayor, the Left, and Affirmative Action: their answers are wrong because they aren’t addressing the right problems

The problems which the learned Justice so laments, wise Latina that she is, are problems which are beyond the power of the government to address by the time students are applying to colleges. The problems begin in the elementary schools, and in the local communities, and they are problems of attitude and culture more than anything else. Our great public education system, controlled for so long by the left, has proved itself unable to deal with the problems; perhaps, just perhaps, it is that very control by liberals which has led to those failures. And perhaps, just perhaps, it is the unwillingness of the left to hold black Americans to the same standards, on just about anything, which contributes to the corrosive culture in our inner cities which fosters the attitudes which have so many minority children failing in school, long before they ever reach university age.

Democrisy: Attorney General Kathleen Kane caught lying (again)

Kathleen Kane won the election to become Attorney General in Pennsylvania, basing much of her campaign on a promise to investigate whether political connections dragged out the Commonwealth’s investigation and charging of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on child sexual abuse charges. Mrs Kane cast herself as a fearless crusader against political …

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Oh, those Democratic Attorneys General!

In the Keystone State, we have the amusing and sad spectacle of Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D-PA) squashing a sting and an investigation into bribery by some members of the Pennsylvania state legislature because, surprise! everyone caught has been a Democrat,1 an action so egregious that even the editors of The Philadelphia Inquirer complained. And, …

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Another one bites the dust?

Insiders: Jay Carney preparing to leave White House Insiders very close to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney indicate that he’s on his way out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, The Mirror has learned. Carney has told people he’s leaving the White House soon. In 2008, Carney became Director of Communications for Vice President Joe Biden. In 2011, he became the nation’s 29th press …

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So Far, The 113th Congress Has Done Very Little. Thank You.

There should be some rejoicing about this news the way I see it. It is believe that a “Good” Congress is one that passes an enormous amout of laws. But as we have seen, each law passed favors one group at the expense of another. Look 111th Congress that passe a lot of Bills plus …

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