The Democrats have to be whining, ‘Won’t she please just go away?’

From National Review:

The enduring awfulness of Hillary Clinton

by David French | January 27, 2018 1:08 PM | @DavidAFrench

Yesterday the New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton allegedly “chose to shield” a “top adviser” from sexual harassment allegations. The story itself is rather simple. A woman accused her faith adviser, a man by the name of Burns Strider, of sexual harassment. After a “brief” investigation, her campaign manager recommended that he be terminated. Clinton refused to fire him and instead docked his pay and ordered him to attend counseling. His victim was reassigned.

In 2016 Strider joined a different part of the Clinton-industrial complex, a pro-Clinton organization called Correct the Record, where he was fired for, yes, harassing a female subordinate.

How does Hillary respond to the Times story? With this absurd tweet:

Naturally, you can read the rest for yourself.

For Republicans, the former Secretary of State is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time the credentialed media regale us with another story about what a scumbag President Trump is, Mrs Clinton manages to leap back into the news, in a way which reminds people that, no matter what they think of Mr Trump as a person, Mrs Clinton was worse.

And as the Democrats try to gear up for the 2018 elections — just 9½ months away now — by presenting something fresh and new, the woman who just won’t go away keeps popping up to remind the voters of the past.

In this day of social media, of Facebook and Twitter, maybe it’s just impossible for defeated politicians to go away. With someone who is as entitled and narcissistic as Mrs Clinton, perhaps her personality just won’t let her simply shut up. But, whatever it is, if anyone can save the Republicans’ bacon in 2018, it’s Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton!

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