The most perfect Democratic candidate ever!

The person formerly known as Bradley Manning is running for the United States Senate representing Maryland:

How a defiant Chelsea Manning could upend the race for U.S. Senate in Maryland

By Jenna Portnoy | January 17, 2018 | 6:00 AM EST

In her first utterances as a U.S. Senate candidate, Chelsea Manning declares war on establishment politicians, proclaiming, “We don’t need them anymore” in a video that includes clips of white supremacists, police assaulting protesters and grinning congressional leaders meeting with President Trump.

The transgender former Army private convicted of passing classified government documents to WikiLeaks is challenging Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin, a two-term senator and the highest-ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Her candidacy brings drama to an otherwise staid primary and gives Republicans an opportunity to stoke divisions among Democrats. But analysts say Manning’s maverick approach may not play well in Maryland, a progressive but establishment state that is home to the National Security Agency and went for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders by a large margin in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

“Challenges like this rarely succeed around the country, much less in Maryland,” said John T. Willis, a political-science professor at the University of Baltimore. “Maryland is a fairly strong party state, and the political culture is one that rewards experience and familiarity in the political world.”

Manning’s unlikely entry into the race could draw a different kind of national attention to Maryland in a year when Democrats are trying to unseat Gov. Larry Hogan (R), who has distanced himself from Trump, the GOP’s biggest electoral liability in a blue state.

The person formerly known as Bradley Manning, on the beach.

The person formerly known as Bradley Manning, on the beach. Does this look like a woman to you?

There’s more at the original.

In 2014, Bradley Manning won a court order allowing him to legally change his name to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, and the United States Army, then holding Mr Manning as a prisoner at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, did not raise any objection. Therefore, Chelsea Elizabeth Manning is is full, legal name. The First Street Journal recognizes that to be his legal name, but we do not choose to use it. Further, this site recognizes reality: that Mr Manning was born male, and regardless of how many hormones he takes, or what surgical mutilation he undergoes, he will always be male. While I have not corrected the Washington Post article, which uses female pronouns to refer to him, this site will continue to use the pronouns which reflect his sex.

We will also note that while Mr Manning remains a male, he is not, and never was, a man.

This could prove an interesting race. It would be my guess that Mr Manning’s candidacy will draw a lot of cash from the looniest among the left, the establishment Democrats will funnel large amounts of money to Senator Cardin; the last thing that they want is to face a Republican candidate in the general election with Mr Manning as their standard bearer. Even those Democrats who believe in ‘transgenderism’ are going to have a difficult time voting for someone who betrayed his country, and his oath as a soldier.

But Mr Manning is absotively, posilutely the ideal Democratic politician. He is clearly delusional, not being able to recognize his own sex, and he is apparently has “believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” In a time where Baltimore has a record-high number of homicides, Mr Manning wants to disarm the police. He called Immigration and Customs Enforcement “literally the new gestapo,” for trying to enforce immigration law, and he even claims to be a veteran, when, under 38 Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1 (A), §3.1(d), he isn’t, due to having been dishonorably discharged.

And so it is for much of the Democratic Party, which sides with illegal immigrants over American citizens, which is full of people supporting socialism, despite what socialism has actually accomplished in the world. The problem for the Democrats isn’t so much Mr Manning as the face of their party as it is that so many Democrats believe what he believes. No wonder President Obama commuted his sentence.

Despite his notoriety, Mr Manning is the perfect Democratic candidate!


  1. It wouldn’t hurt to start referring to Real Women vs things like this, which could be called Synthetic Women or maybe just Fake for short.

    And you could do the same for marriage. Normal matrimony would be Real Marriage, whereas “Marriage” between two men, or a man and a dog, etc., would be called something else.

  2. Hey guys. So I drop in and …. this. Ha.

    At a glance, and I could bear no more, it looks like a female of no particular shapeliness. The you realize what it really is, and instead of being simply unmoved, and you want to effen puke.

    There is, as we used to discuss, something profoundly disordered in a social and moral sense, not just biological, with these persons. Their desire is not just to be female, but to inhabit women’s social roles, garner the attention females naturally attract, and to appropriate and divert a deserved attention through biological fraud, to their undeserving selves.

    They, in other words, demand universal social complicity in and approbation for, their fakery, and fraud, and sexual perversity, and lies.

    What we witness, is not a simple disorder where some biological error is in search of rectification; nor a desire simply to settle as a biological woman so as to decrease the tension of some inner contradiction generated by a genetic fault, but rather a contemptible craving to inhabit the role of female as center of attention and bodily desire.

    What wretched, nauseating, frauds.

    • When I think of Mr Manning, or the person formerly known as Bruce Jenner, I know that there’s something really wrong with them, but it isn’t what they think it is. They both believe that they are female, but they grew up as male. Beyond the biological, women are created by the sum of their life experiences, by how they grew up. Messrs Manning and Jenner never grew up as girls around other girls, never participated in the girls-only events that real girls experience growing up, never had a period, never worried about getting pregnant, and even though Mr Manning apparently screwed dated other guys, was never a woman to them, never treated as a girl would be treated. They are, at best, caricatures, being what they think women should be, as their male minds conceived such, rather than actually being women.

      There was (is?) a show called ‘I am Jazz,’ about a young boy who thinks he’s a girl, and so-called parents allowing him to dress up like a girl and pretend he is one. He has lamented that boys in high school don’t want to date him, which ought to be pretty obvious, because they don’t see him as a girl.

      Imagine, if you will, some anthropologist 4,500 years from now, trying to find clues about the 21st century, after all of the records were destroyed in the nuclear holocaust that was the third World War. He comes across a grave, and, lo and behold, he finds the remains of the person formerly known as Bradley Manning. The soft tissues have long since decayed away, leaving nothing but Mr Manning’s skeleton. Examining the remains, the anthropologist concludes, from the structure of the hips, that the person exhumed was male. Working further, he is able, amazingly enough, to extract some DNA from what remains of the bone marrow. Upon testing that, his initial determination that the subject was male, is confirmed. The anthropologist has drawn these conclusions from objective evidence.

      What Messrs Jenner and Manning and the rest of the ‘transgender’ movement want us to do is ignore objective reality, in favor of their subjective judgements. This I will not do.

  3. “He has lamented that boys in high school don’t want to date him, which ought to be pretty obvious, because they don’t see him as a girl.”

    So again, what they are demanding is your complicity in their sick fantasies.

    Even the names these clowns pick for themselves demonstrate the unreality of their bumbling parody of femaleness. “Chelsea” … how cute and au courant … Not “Ethel” or “Joan” in a house dress of course. Maybe “Tiffany” or “Cherry” or “Brandy” and a Photoshopped fake image of that fake woman to boot. (I can’t remember what Bruce calls himself now.)

    “Why not?” they imagine, “A girl can dream can’t he?”. And: “If Katie Couric, can be made into a perky but sexy 60 year old ingenue through makeup and artful lighting … why cannot not Bradley, or Jazz convince equally?”

    Trouble is no one healthy who has seen a close-up of Couric without her makeup, wants to “date” her either. And so far as I know, she has a real vagina.

      • Perky Katie may just be a “Beard” for this guy, meaning a female pretend girlfriend/wife for a man who is secretly gay and wants to stay that way.

        • “Perky Katie may just be a “Beard” for this guy, meaning a female pretend girlfriend/wife for a man who is secretly gay and wants to stay that way.”

          Well maybe that, or maybe he’s in for one hell of a shock in the morning when he finds that the face of the woman he married has rubbed off on the pillow during the night.

          You know I don’t like mocking her. She once was, from what one could tell through TV, a cute and perky thing with a respectable body. And from what other sources seemed to convey, a lusty wench on the dance floor.

          But man …. no thanks now.

  4. What will happen, other than total chaos, when/if/might/hope not, Pseudo-Science allegedly figures out how to change X-Y to X-X and vice-versa?

  5. On an unrelated subject, I suppose congrats are due to the present and former residents of eastern PA on their team’s win, and on making the Vikings look truly pathetic such that they won’t have the privilege of playing at home for the first time in a super bowl ever.

      • My dad flew all the way back from Florida just to see the playoff game of a week and a half ago. Of course, that game ended in a spectacular victory, but then the vi-queens had to blow it a week later, basically folding like a cheap tent after one turnover for touchdown. The whole town was getting ready for going to the Super Bowl AT HOME, but of course they blew it. Like they always do in the post season.

          • We all owe Mrs Molner a vote of thanks: she got the trend started of women ditching the stockings and going bare-legged in dresses.

            The women of FOX News are challenging that trend. Check out the women of “Outnumbered” and also Kimberly Guilfoyle of “The Five”, who is seated rather strategically so as to show off her gorgeous legs to maximum effectiveness.

            Bare legs give off a look of laziness, not unlike a man with part of a beard because he can’t be bothered to shave. Also, they have to be almost perfect looking, meaning the woman has to be in her 20’s, athletic, and also recently returned from the tropics so as to have a nice tan. Women who do TV in NYC or DC (as in FOX and some other networks) get legs that have that grub white look about this time of year. Then there’s Kennedy, who is good looking except for a very plainly visible tattoo on her lower leg, a look that cries out for opaque tights or else a pair of pants.

            In short, for most women most of the time, save the bare legs for the beach or the tennis court.

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