Sergeant Pico is on the way home!

She was at Fort Bliss after returning from Kuwait, and is now in Atlanta, awaiting her fight to Lexington.

Update: Not only is she home, but it appears that she didn’t tell us everything, not wanting to worry us. She volunteered for a Corps of Engineers project at Bagram Air Base, in Afghanistan.


  1. She spent about 1½ months at Bagram. She volunteered for the mission because she said that Kuwait was a horrible place, like Groundhog Day, every day the same, and that if she had to go back, she’d pick Afghanistan over Kuwait.

    SGT Pico said she was nervous at first, when the night time IDF (indirect fire) alerts went off, but soon learned to just sleep through them. Bagram is huge, with a lot of undeveloped space, and she said that the Taliban were really good at hitting just dirt with mortars.

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