Custody Agreements

Going through the dissolution of a marriage is an incredibly painful experience on many levels, and the end of a marriage that involves young children is harder even still. It’s been said that a divorce is like a kind of death, with all the stages of grief that process entails. When there are young children involved, however, it’s important to remember their needs above all. While a marriage may be ending, for a child, most of life is still ahead, and their emotional needs must be protected.

Acknowledging A Custody Agreement

Couples who have gone through a divorce and made custody arrangements must know that even though the divorce is finally settled, they have to work within the confines of the law, and make note of what restrictions they have to deal with.

In the state of Illinois, for example, there is a two year rule regarding any change of custody. This time span extends from the time the divorce judgement was entered until two years later. The couple cannot make a change in their children’s custody agreement during this time unless there is a clear, imminent danger to the child’s health and welfare. This part of the statute is speaking to a situation that is not just a feeling that one of the partners in the marriage is less than an ideal mom or dad. This is really speaking to the feeling that the child may be in danger while in the parent’s care.

The Exception to the Rule

There is actually one exception to this two-year rule, and that is a situation in which one of the parents plans to marry someone who is a registered sex offender. In that case, the other parent must be notified of this change in marital status in advance, as it may be grounds for a change of custody plans before the two year limit has been reached. After two years, changing custody agreements is still complicated, but there is less drama involved.

Anyone in Illinois going through a divorce that involves children should seek the advice of experienced lawyers. There are experienced custody lawyers in Lake Bluff who are ready to help work through cases so that everyone comes out well, and the rights of children are protected. Don’t delay in seeking help, protect your children and talk to an experienced custody lawyer today.