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From The Hill, not exactly a right-wing news site:

Protesters scream at the sky to mark anniversary of Trump’s election

By Brett Samuels – 11/08/17 08:18 PM EST

People across the country gathered Wednesday night to scream into the sky to mark the anniversary of President Trump winning the 2016 election.

Thousands were expected to attend events planned in New York City, Philadelphia, Dallas and other major cities. The idea was self-explanatory, as people came to public gathering places, looked to the sky and let out a yell.

And now from PJ Media, which is a conservatively-oriented site:

WATCH: Liberals Gather to Scream at the Sky

By Debra Heine | November 8, 2017

As promised, anguished snowflakes are gathering tonight in approximately 25 cities to “scream helplessly at the sky” in protest of President Trump’s election.

Several entertaining videos of the histrionics have emerged.

One from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

And a couple from Washington Square Park in NYC:

NYT All the NewsOddly enough, a site search of The New York Times failed to turn up any articles on this silly event; I suppose that it wasn’t news that was fit to print. :)

When I first heard of this ‘event,’ my first reaction was no, even the left aren’t that stupid, wouldn’t really do something this dumb. Had Hillary Clinton won the presidential election, conservatives wouldn’t have organized an event like this; we’d have done what we could to limit the damage of a [shudder!] Clinton presidency, but we wouldn’t have acted like the spoiled brats of today’s left. When President Obama nominated then-Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) to become Secretary of State, the GOP didn’t filibuster her confirmation, the way the Democrats tried — and failed, thanks to the ‘nuclear option’ Harry Reid put in place in 2013, to the Democrats regret in 2017 — to do with President Trump’s cabinet appointments, but joined in a bipartisan confirmation vote of 94-2.

However, the left have their freedom of speech, and every right to protest President Trump in any way they see fit. And conservatives have every right to film their silliness, and mock them for it.

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