Why Testing Medical Package Distribution Is a Must

Why Testing Medical Package Distribution Is a Must

Providing attractive packaging for medical items that looks great and meets compliance regulations is great, but there may be a weakness or flaw present that will not become apparent until distribution happens. Below are a few of the reasons that testing distribution in a lab can help you correct errors before they become costly.

Packaging Durability

Whether your medical products are being distributed locally, or at a global level, you need to know that the packaging is trustworthy and durable enough to withstand the journey. The products might look nice on the manufacturing plant floor, but the process of finding their way to a storage destination, and eventually to the customer might show different results. The distribution process can be hard on product packaging.

Vibration Testing

There is no denying that an average truck ride from a manufacturing plant to a warehouse will involve some level of vibration. Items that are placed on a pallet may be loaded onto trucks using a forklift. The trip down the smoothest of roadways will include some vibration and movement. The receiving storage area may use another forklift to remove the products from the truck. The items may have to be moved further around in the warehouse. Distribution often involves a long chain of constant movement. Your packaging needs to be designed to take it with ease.

Compression Testing

Medical supplies that are lightweight can be boxed in large amounts without much worry of packaging failure. Heavier items can present more of a challenge. Compression testing of the packaging materials will tell you how much stress it can take without failure. You can better prepare shipping containers and offer the consumers the best advice on storage before use.

Leak Detection

Medical packaging that looks intact might not pass the leak test. Using a mock distribution test and checking for leaks is one sure way to know if the packaging will work, or you need to look at creating a new design.

Accelerated Age Testing

Understanding how well the medical packaging will perform after the distribution is an important part of the complete picture. The packaging may not be enough to carry it through the journey and maintain quality integrity during storage. An accelerated age test can be employed after a mock distribution to point out any potential flaws in the design.

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