Октябрьская Pеволюция

National reviewПод громадным давлением Кайзер Вильгельм II и Имперское германское правительство запечатали Владимира Ленина в поезде и отправили его из ссылки в Швейцарию обратно в Россию. Германия надеялась, что товарищ Ленин подрывает Временное правительство Александра Керенского и вытеснит Россию из войны. Первое действие коммунизма было одним из разрушений.

And in 100 years, nothing has changed. The unfortunate people of the Soviet Union were able to throw off the yoke of Communism, and the nominally Communist leaders of the People’s Republic of China converted to a capitalist economy — though maintaining totalitarian political controls — to survive. The Communist nations of eastern Europe discarded Communism even before the USSR, thanks to President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, and places like Vietnam have discarded it as well. Communism survives only in North Korea, which is the worst place on earth, unable to feed itself and under dictatorial control, while democratic, capitalist South Korea, sharing the same resources on the same peninsula, is wealthy and prosperous, yet the uneducated knuckleheads on our college campuses see socialism and Communism as the way to go?

Not-quite-Communism exists on Venezuela, an oil-wealthy nation which has managed to go belly-up broke thanks to ‘Bolivarian socialism’.

The appeal of Communism for the weak-minded has always been simple: it promises freedom for all and an equal distribution of economic rewards. But it has not only never delivered on those promises, but resulted in widespread poverty and dictatorial control. Tоварищ Lenin did, however, do us one huge favor: he and his successors demonstrated for the actually intelligent people in the world just how ridiculous, how stupid, and how deadly the ideas of Communism are, and he did it half a world away, not ruining real Western civilization with its toxicity. Too bad it took 100,000,000+ people being killed to teach us that lesson.

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  1. That was then, this is now. It will soon take 200 million lives to show how ridiculous, how stupid, and how deadly the ideas of Islam are. So far few are listening. As usual it will take a moslem bloodbath unleashed on all the West before the “religion of peace” can be extinguished forever. They almost succeeded a thousand years ago with just swords and bows just think what the little devils can do with nuclear bombs. But don’t listen to me, I’m a racist Islamophobe.

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