Deplorables 2.0

From The Hill:

Clinton: Some women ‘disrespected themselves’ at Trump campaign rallies

By Julia Manchester – 09/23/17 11:47 AM EDT

Hillary Clinton said Saturday that some women are “publicly disrespecting themselves” in their support of President Trump.

“When I see women doing that, I think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? Why are they opening the door to have someone say that about them in their workplace? In a community setting? Do they not see the connection there?” Clinton told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on “AM Joy.”

Clinton made the comments when asked about pro-Trump women who wear profane t-shirts “that used the b-word, the c-word about you.”

“And I think that’s one of the problems with sexism. We had such a public and still an ongoing movement to expand civil rights. Again, I’m proud of the progress, but we still have a lot of problems we have to confront,” she continued.

There’s more at the original. Here’s the video:

Mrs Clinton said:

Electing Barack Obama did not end racism as we know too well, but it gave the country a chance to say, hey, wait a minute, we are better than this.

Hillary Clinton's book, which there is no reason to buy, because all of the important stuff in it has already been excerpted.

Hillary Clinton’s book, which there is no reason to buy, because all of the important stuff in it has already been excerpted.

She then continued to say that we don’t treat sexism as as serious a problem as racism, implying that, one, we are not better than this when it comes to sexism, and two, it was sexist not to vote for her in 2016. Women, “particularly white women,” are “publicly disrespecting themselves” by having supported, and continuing to support Mr Trump. As nearly as I can tell, the left believe that only heterosexual white men have enough intelligence to be allowed to think for themselves, that all others, women, racial and ethnic minorities, etc, are simply not allowed to have any independent thoughts other than what the left assign to them.

Is it sexist for women to have supported Donald Trump, or is it sexist to believe that women owed Mrs Clinton their votes simply due to their genitalia? Geraldine Ferraro, the former congresswoman and Democratic vice presidential nominee in 1984, labeled the Obama primary campaign in 2008 as “terribly sexist,” and even mused about voting for John McCain in the general election. Of course, Mrs Clinton’s 2008 primary campaign was accused of racism as then-Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) was beating her.

Mrs Clinton’s book selling tour has provided all sorts of red meat for commenters, because she has managed to indulge in sour grapes for the whole thing. Her loss was never her fault, and, when asked directly by Matt Lauer, in an interview on the Today show on September 13th, if her mistakes alone were sufficient to have caused her loss, without all of the extraneous stuff, she answered that no, they weren’t. It was her turn, damn it, and she was cheated out of the presidency by Vladimir Putin, sexist men controlling their wives and girlfriends, James Comey, Matt Lauer, The New York Times, Jill Stein, and whomever else I’ve left off this list.

Mrs Clinton stepped in it badly when she said, “You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” The failing liberal journal The New Republic tried to justify Mrs Clinton’s words, but they didn’t help her in the campaign, and the Trump campaign turned it to their advantage.

Now, Mrs Clinton has no more political races to run — at least, that’s what she says — and she’s back to Deplorables 2.0, this time meaning women, “particularly white women,” because they didn’t give her 100% of their votes. What a great way to drive more women into the Republican camp!

Republicans love this! With our now permanent political campaigns, the Democrats need to be mobilizing for the 2018 elections, yet just 13½ months, 409 days, away from the next congressional elections, Mrs Clinton is still sucking all of the air out of the room. While the Democrats are trying to make political hay out of Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) proposal to extend Medicare to cover everybody, Mrs Clinton is still complaining about the outcome of the last election.


  1. Hillary’s book has now attained an average 5 star rating (5 out of 5) on, not because of universal acclaim for the book or its author, but rather because all 1 and 2 star reviews have simply vanished down the Memory Hole.

    • I am perfectly happy that Mrs Clinton is now a best selling author, and is not President:

      Hillary Clinton new book sales top 300K

      By Joe Concha – 09/20/17 11:11 AM EDT

      Hillary Clinton’s new book has sold 300,000 copies since its publication on Sept. 12, according to publisher Simon & Schuster.

      The memoir, “What Happened,” details who and what the Democratic nominee believes led to her stunning loss in the 2016 presidential race.

      The book has been at or near the top of Amazon’s best-seller list since its release.

      The robust sales are a departure from other books Clinton has written in the past.

      “The remarkable response to ‘What Happened’ indicates that, notwithstanding all that has been written and discussed over the last year, there is clearly an overwhelming desire among readers to learn about and experience, from Hillary Clinton’s singular perspective, the historic events of the 2016 election,” Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy said in a statement. “In its candor and immediacy, ‘What Happened’ is satisfying that demand.”

      The book’s hardcover sales topped 168,000 copies, which marks the best opening sales for any nonfiction book in five years, according to NPD BookScan, which tracks most retail print sales.

      There’s more at the link.

  2. From The Washington Post:

    These single women don’t want a man who’s still ‘With Her’

    By Becky Little | September 18, 2017

    Relationships are all about compromise, but everyone has lines that they just can’t cross. And since the election of Donald Trump, political divides have been even more contentious than usual.

    For many straight liberal women (and some queer women, too), avoiding Trump voters is yet another hurdle to modern dating. While the majority of unmarried female voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, 32 percent of them voted for Trump. And if you search thoroughly enough in liberal-leaning regions of the country, as I did for this story, you’ll find conservative, heterosexual women who aren’t keen on dating a Hillary supporter. Even eight months into Trump’s presidency.

    Michelle, the 47-year-old founder of Tshirts4Patriots, is one of those people. She spoke on the condition that only her first name be used, as did all of the women interviewed for this story. Michelle is a Trump voter who lives in Laguna Hills, Calif. — a city that voted for Trump but whose county went to Clinton. Last year, Michelle began an on-again, off-again relationship with a Trump supporter whom she met while he was working for her cousin.

    When she first started dating him before the election, his enthusiasm for Trump wasn’t a huge attraction for her. Michelle — who’s of Spanish and Native American ancestry — says she’s always considered herself an independent and has probably dated a liberal without knowing it. She’d never prioritized a potential partner’s politics before, but Michelle said that she’s realized that she only wants “to be with somebody that supports our president, period.”

    There’s more at the original, but the lovely Mrs Clinton would almost certainly claim that these women are “disrespecting themselves.” No, they aren’t “disrespecting themselves,” they are showing disrespect for the failed candidate.

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