It was never her fault Nothing is ever her fault.

Defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on a live interview with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie this morning on NBC’s Today show, and yes, I suffered through watched it.

Hillary Clinton's book, which there is no reason to buy, because all of the important stuff in it has already been excerpted.

Hillary Clinton’s book, which there is no reason to buy, because all of the important stuff in it has already been excerpted.

The interview was part of her promotional book tour for What Happened, her memoir of the 2016 campaign and her surprising defeat by Donald Trump. The BBC has a good rundown of all of the people Mrs Clinton blamed in her book, while Maureen Callahan of the New York Post wrote that Hillary Clinton’s book signing was as insufferable as you’d expect.

The interview went pretty much as I had anticipated, with Mrs Clinton making the obligatory yes-I-made-mistakes statement, but, as you’d expect, it contained the ‘but’ we’ve all come to expect. Her first target was James Comey, as it has frequently been before; there’s nothing new there. Then she moved on to Russia, and then to sexism and misogyny; it’s too bad that the interviewers didn’t follow up by asking why she thought that a majority, 53%, of white women voted for Mr Trump. Her ‘explanations’ concerning sexism were long, blaming votes against her as being culturally based rather than votes against her, as an individual.

Mr Lauer, whom I was surprised was allowed to be part of the interview, given Mrs Clinton specific criticism of an interview he did with her during the campaign, then asked Mrs Clinton whether she thought she had made enough mistakes in the campaign for her to have lost without all of the things she could not control, and she very bluntly answered that no, she didn’t think that.

Miss Guthrie asked how she could have lost to a candidate with as many negatives as Mr Trump had, which reminded me of her famous “why am I not fifty points ahead” rant. That was where the former Secretary of State demonstrated why she lost. She went into the fact that she is widely disliked, but blamed it not on her, personally, but said that as men become more successful, they also become better liked, while as women become more successful, they become less well liked. It was never about her!

Throughout the interview, I never lost the impression that Mrs Clinton thought that she was cheated out of the presidency, that she was somehow owed the presidency, because it was her f(ornicating) turn, damn it! It would have been hers, if only James Comey and Vladimir Putin and evil sexists hadn’t cheated her out of it, it would have been hers if only the American people had done their duty and voted for her in the states she expected to carry.

One point she mentioned specifically was that a pre-election poll had her 26 points ahead in the Philadelphia suburbs, meaning that she had tremendous support from women and minorities and whatevers, but that, when the ballots were cast, she only won the region by 13%, not enough to overcome Mr Trump’s advantage in the rest of Pennsylvania. She indicated that this was a result of the Comey letter, which she said, in a Vox interview yesterday, blaming it on husbands and boyfriends telling their wives and girlfriends that there’s no sense wasting their votes on her, she’s going to be in jail. There are those evil men again!

It was never her fault. The presidency was hers, apparently by inherent right of succession, and she was denied her throne by evil people and their nefarious designs. And the Electoral College, of course, also conceived of by men, white men.

I have said before that while I’m not particularly happy that Donald Trump is President, I am absotively, posilutely overjoyed that Hillary Clinton is not.


  1. When I said that Mrs Clinton believed that the presidency “would have been hers if only the American people had done their duty and voted for her in the states she expected to carry,” it comes from this passage:

    Since November, more than two dozen women – of all ages, but mostly in their twenties – had approached me in restaurants, theaters, and stores to apologize for not voting or not doing more to help my campaign. I responded with forced smiles and tight nods. On one occasion, an older woman dragged her adult daughter by the arm to talk to me and ordered her to apologize for not voting – which she did, head bowed in contrition. I wanted to stare right in her eyes and say, “You didn’t vote? How could you not vote?! You abdicated your responsibility as a citizen at the worst possible time! And now you want me to make you feel better?” Of course, I didn’t say any of that.

    These people were looking for absolution that I just couldn’t give. We all have to live with the consequences of our decisions.

    The consequence of the decisions of the voters is that Donald Trump is President, and Hillary Clinton is on a book tour. :)

  2. Earlier today I was at the local coffee chain (Caribou, which I think is about to explode into success, so maybe buy lots of their stock). I was there this morning to look up several books on instead of working on my own book, which is what I usually go there for.

    The first was the new John Grisham novel, which I was given as a present and liked a lot. It is currently #20 on the amazon fiction list. Number 1, and no surprise, Hitlery’s book, which “Officially” went to sale yesterday, and which, as one person noted, was also the 5 year anniversary of her Benghazi disaster. But I digress.

    Anyway, tons of negative reviews, so I typed up one of my own to throw into the fray*. Then people started complaining that all the 1 star reviews were being deleted, while all the 4 and 5 star reviews were left to stand, which seriously skewed her review average from about 2.5 to 4 (out of 5). I then purposely gave my own rating of her book 2 stars to avoid this, but my review was rejected anyway despite getting an email from Amazon that it has been accepted. Then, when I tried to post my review again, there was a notice that only confirmed customers (from Amazon) could post reviews of this book. Which is a policy I have never seen from them before. Right from the beginning, Amazon has been very open to any reviewer who wanted to post. Didn’t matter if they bought it from Amazon or from someone else, got it at the library or borrowed it from a friend. So this new policy is a bit odd, and since the only people willing to pay full price for this steaming pile are likely to be her diehard fan base, it’s no wonder the positive reviews are staying and the negative ones being deleted. One wonders if Jeff Bozos** wrote some very large checks to the Hillary campaign.

    * I will post my review later, since it is on my laptop and I can’t access the Internet with it in my home for reasons already mentioned.

    ** Bozos (Bezos) is the King of the empire.

    • I cannot fairly ‘review’ Mrs Clinton’s book, since I haven’t actually read it. If I had a copy, I would read it, but I absotively, posilutely refuse to pay a single red cent to buy it; I will not further enrich those grifters.

      • I just posted my review. I have not read, let alone bought, the book, and had no intention of being fair in my review, just honest. I can’t stand Hillary and think of her as a human cockroach, so nothing I have to say about her (it) is going to be either nice or “Fair”.

  3. What happened? That’s easy, and hardly requires a 500+ page hardback to explain. What happened, Hillary, is you lost, and furthermore you lost to Donald Trump, a complete political rookie and whose last major job in the public eye was that of game show host and reality TV star. Given her (often bragged about) political experience, that’s like an NFL team going to the Super Bowl and then getting beat by a decent high school team.

    This book, just out yesterday, has already generated plenty of buzz and of course controversy follows her around like flies following a manure truck, so no doubt many thousands of pages will be written about both this book as well as the broader subject of the 2016 campaign as a whole, so there’s not much I can add to this overall. My own opinion, however, is what truly sank Hillary’s boat was her comment on the “Bucket of Deplorables”, which, depending on how you read her comments, applied to either half of America or only the half that voted for Trump. Either way, her comment was the classic sneer of a self-appointed member of The Elite looking down her nose at many millions of Average Joe and Jane American citizens. When your attitude about the people you intend to rule is that divisive, you are, by definition, unfit to be president.

    So there you have it. Hillary is a pompous, arrogant, political and intellectual snob whose capacity for self-awareness is almost zero. The only reason this gets two stars is, as others have noted, her side of the story is probably worth having out there, if nothing else but to be part of the historical record.

  4. I responded with forced smiles and tight nods.

    I wanted to stare right in her eyes and say, “You didn’t vote?

    Does Hillary have any idea how bad she sounds here? She can’t even accept an apology with any form of graciousness, not even the contrition from a young woman after she had been humiliated by her old bag of a mother. All she could think of instead was vindictiveness toward these people.

  5. I just read that NY Post article (and watched her “I should be 50 pts ahead” video rant). The article was about a book signing that was scheduled to take place at a Barnes and Noble in NYC. First, all sorts of restrictions were placed on who could attend and who would qualify to get a book signed. Next, the bulk of the crowd had to wait outside in the heat. Then, her royal highness finally showed up an hour late, gave no talk or speech, but simply signed some books and left. No thanks or words of gratitude to the very people who make up the core of her fan base, east coast upper middle class liberals/feminists. And if that’s how she treats her most diehard loyalists, imagine the disdain she must have for the country as a whole!

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