1. Another advantage of a laptop – you don’t need (or have to pay for) Internet access in your home. If I need to access the Internet, I just take my laptop to a nearby coffee shop and use their wifi for free. And when I’m at home, like now, I just use my iPhone. Saves me some $60/month that Comcast was charging for home wifi.

  2. My internet costs $29.99 per month.

    However, and I cannot say this emphatically enough, I hate laptops, I despise laptops, I abominate laptops! I understand that a lot of people do like them, and that their portability can be useful, but I hate the feel of the keyboard and dislike the angle at which I have to hold my head to use one. (You’ll note from the picture that the monitor and keyboard are fairly far apart.)

    • Here, Comcast will give you cable wifi for about $30/month. For 6 months, then they charge you the full $60/month, which, unless you use the Internet a LOT at home, is ridiculous.

      Anyway, I’ve gotten to much prefer laptops. For one, a laptop can do just about anything a desktop can, and with wifi, your Internet access is nearly completely portable. And I like a computer where all the major features (except a printer) are built into one unit as opposed to having keyboard, mouse, and what have you all separate and all with their own cables getting tangled up in everything. And I’ve gotten to much prefer writing via the combined laptop keyboard/screen, indeed, just a few years ago I got my glasses prescription changed so I could see clearly at both long distance (for driving) and also at the 2 – 3 foot range at which I view the laptop screen. Finally, laptops are great for watching movies. Just put in a DVD and plug in your headphones and you’re good to go.

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