But, but, but, Obysmalcare is working!

From Insider Louisville:

Insurance premiums for Kentucky’s Affordable Care Act customers to rise

By Boris Ladwig | September 6, 2017 | 5:13 pm

The Kentucky Department of Insurance announced on Wednesday that it had approved a rate hike for Anthem of 41.2 percent and CareSource of 56 percent for Kentucky’s Affordable Care Act customers next year.

Anthem, based in Indianapolis, said on Wednesday that it would reduce its 2018 footprint in Kentucky and would only offer plans on and off the exchange in 59 counties, down from 120 counties. CareSource, the nonprofit managed care company based in Dayton, will fill the gap as shown in the map above.

No other insurer is offering plans for Kentuckians on the federal exchange.

In an emailed statement, Anthem said, “After significant dialogue with state leaders and regulators Anthem has made the difficult decision to revise our rate filing for our 2018 Individual plan offerings in Kentucky.”

Bob Brett, vice president for CareSource, said in a statement, “CareSource remains committed to serving Kentuckians through the Health Insurance Marketplace. We understand how important health care is to individuals and their families and we’re proud to offer Kentuckians in our 61-county coverage area our quality Marketplace product.”

In a press release, the Kentucky Department of Insurance noted that no Kentucky county would be left uncovered, with one insurance provider operating both on and off the exchange in each Kentucky county, but that insurer options would be more limited than in prior years because of ACA, also known as Obamacare.

“The damage caused to hardworking Kentuckians under Obamacare is evident in the rate increases that are required each year to sustain the healthcare market and the decrease in insurer options,” said DOI Commissioner Nancy Atkins. “The uncertainty in the marketplace and Obamacare mandates are making it harder and harder for Kentuckians to access affordable healthcare insurance each year.”

There’s more at the original, but, gosh, isn’t it a great thing that the Republicans failed to repeal the laughably-named Affordable Care Act?

Interestingly enough, the counties Anthem abandoned include some of the wealthier areas in the Commonwealth, including Jefferson (Louisville), Fayette (Lexington), Madison (Richmond) and Boyd (Ashland). I guess that they figured that more of the Obaminablecare customers in the poorer counties would be getting the full government subsidies to pay for their insurance.