#HurricaneHarvey : It’s all Donald Trump’s fault!

Well, of course there are a record number of people begging for rescue!

Officials to Harris Co. residents: Don’t evacuate yet

Friday, August 25, 2017 05:19PM

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — While Harris County’s forecast in relation to Harvey calls for heavy rain similar to Tropical Storm Allison, emergency management officials say it’s not quite time to evacuate yet.

The sentiment is being expressed Friday as Hurricane Harvey is about to make landfall as a Category 3 storm or greater in the central Texas coast.

With forecasts calling for Harvey to linger over southeast Texas for as many as five days, crews with the county and the City of Houston have worked to clear out storm drains and set up barricades at common high-water spots.

Houston officials are showing signs of frustration after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott urged anyone who can to evacuate before Hurricane Harvey arrives.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on Friday tweeted “please think twice before trying to leave Houston en masse.” His plea came shortly after Abbott held a news conference urging Gulf Coast residents to pack up and leave, whether or not their cities are under evacuation orders.

I suppose that with KTRK being a local station, there was no particular need for them to include the fact that Governor Abbott is a republican, while Mayor Turner is a Democrat. But remember, as the blame game is sure to start soon: the Republican governor urged the safe action, while the Democrat mayor, who thought he knew better, said to stay at home.

The spokesman of emergency operations in Houston’s Harris County was even more direct. Francisco Sanchez tweeted: LOCAL LEADERS KNOW BEST.

Yup, sure they did!

No evacuation orders have been issued for Houston. The mixed signals between the Texas governor and local officials are emerging just hours before Harvey is expected to make landfall as a Category 3 storm.1

Abbott has repeatedly suggested since Thursday that not enough people are evacuating. But state officials also say they have no count on how many people have actually left their homes.

Evacuating without a voluntary or mandatory order, according to the Harris County Office of Emergency Management, could have big impacts and could cause a mess on the roads.

“There are mandatory evacuations in place to areas to our south in Brazoria County and in Matagorda County and further down the coast. Those residents need to have open freeways to evacuate through our area,” said Jeff Lindner, with the county’s Flood Control District and the Office of Emergency Management.

“We do not need people inland evacuating the coast. We don’t even need people in the Harris County portion evacuating the coast. We are not going to have that significant of a storm surge in Galveston Bay that you need to leave,” Lindner added.

They do urge people to stay aware of updates coming from officials if an evacuation is being ordered.

President Trump tweeted:

Well, no, it doesn’t seem as though city and state governments were working together. But at least the state and federal governments were:

CNN attempted to politicize the whole thing, claiming that President Trump was using the hurricane and a late Friday news dump in hopes that people would miss three headlines. One of the headlines CNN said he President hoped we’d miss was that he signed the executive order banning ‘transgendered’ persons from the military, but he’d made the announcement of that policy change weeks ago. Another was the pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but that, too, had been signaled since last Tuesday.

Salon’s Sophia Tesfaye wrote that the President had “just flunked his first natural disaster test,” on Thursday, August 24, at 04:08 PM EST, a day and a half before the hurricane made landfall.

Daniel John Sobieski noted, on the American Thinker, that “what Sean Hannity calls the ‘Destroy Trump Media’ was already condemning President Trump’s handling of this natural disaster,” pointing out the Salon article, and NBC News’ Chuck Todd’s biased claims concerning President Bush and Hurricane Katrina.

If it turned out that Mr Trump was actually a survivor of the planet Krypton, and used his superpowers somehow to turn Hurricane Harvey back out to sea before it ever made landfall, all that the media would tell us is that he had to be removed from office because he wasn’t a natural-born American citizen.

The situation is clear: the President can do no more than get the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, going, to deal with the aftermath. Governor Abbott requested that people evacuate Houston, but Mayor Turner undercut him, with the local emergency office aid that ‘Local Leaders Know Best,’ and urged people not to evacuate. So, naturally, by Tuesday, it’ll all be President Trump’s fault!


  1. Well, at 7AM Aug 25th the National Hurricane Center in a PUBLIC Announcement said Houston was in a range to get over 20 INCHES of Rain. They were WARNED.

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  3. Abbott was right and Turner was wrong. ‘stay put and shelter” on Tuners part was not a sufficient warning. Abbott was right in telling people to get the hell out of Houston and surrounding areas.. Mandatory evacuation or not if Turner had gumption he would have told people to leave as Abbott did.

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