Shirking responsibility Real leaders don't blame other people for their failures

The President of the United States tweeted:

Really? I seem to recall that candidate Donald Trump ran on promises that:

Those were pretty grandiose promises, promises which had not been met under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. If Mr Trump had any real idea about how he was going to keep these promises, he never put those plans on paper. Once he became President, he never had that “beautiful picture” he promised in any form that he bothered to submit to Congress for approval.

While searching for a Make America Great Again image, I came across this ad for a MAGA ladies’ thong, and just had to use it. Available in black, red or white, you can click on the image and buy it for the lady in your life.

I have reluctantly said that the only significant departure from the form of the Affordable Care Act that maintained the principle that the federal government would guarantee health care coverage for everybody would be some form of single-payer. Given the Republicans’ promise to “repeal and replace” the ACA with something that covers everybody, single-payer is the only option, given that repeal only — which would be my preference, but is not something which I regard as politically possible — would very specifically not cover everybody. Anything which utilized the existing private insurance system, the way the ACA does, would not only have to retain the individual mandate that Republicans hate so much, but make it much more strongly enforced, in such a way that no one could choose not to obey it.1

Donald John Trump is the President of the United States, a job for which he asked, a job for which he promised us great leadership; he would #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. And now? He’s blaming Mitch McConnell for his failures, he’s blaming other people for not having the plan he promised he would have for us.

President Trump, you promised you’d be a great leader for our country, so lead, damn it! Real leaders don’t blame other people for their failures.

  1. I’m trying to picture here how it would be enforced on the thugs in Chicago and Philadelphia, and so far, I’ve got nothing.


  1. Real leaders don’t blame other people for their failures.

    Actually, they do. Part of leadership is kicking ass when necessary, and McConnell absolutely deserves it. Trump can only do so much, at some point the House and Senate have to pull their weight, too.

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  3. Real leaders don’t blame other people for their failures.

    You are spending too much time reading blogs that suffer Trump-Derangement-Syndrome (you know who I mean). Congress, not the resident makes and repeals laws, so stop blaming Trump and go after Congress and the GOP traitors who failed. And read more Moonbattery and less TDS blogs. It was bad enough I had to carry the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Trump without your help don’t place the burden of anti-leftist support for him also fall completely on my shoulders.

    Right now we could be discussing Hillary bringing in another 2 million “refugees”, or how she doubled Planned Parenthood spending, or eliminated the coal industry, or mandated 100% electric cars by 2025. But thanks to me and people like me who saw past our own desires and our own faux “principles” to do what had to be done to stop us from becoming Venezuela you don’t. Principles can go only so far but when one is incapable of compromising their principles over a guy’s personality and foibles to the extent it would allow a hate-filled leftist thug to become President those principals need reviewing. And probably revising.

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