Democrisy: The tolerant Left insult conservatives by implying that they are homosexual

From Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit:

Liberals Have Turned Trump Into a Gay Villain Because Our Worst Villains Must Be Gay

By Andrew Kahn

Now that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have met in the flesh, our obsession with imagining the president as a gay man has reached a climax. Frank Bruni used his Thursday column in the New York Times to publish a work of fan fiction, “Donnie and Vlad: A Love Story,” about the “irrepressible,” unrequited, and ultimately “gross” affection of the commander in chief for the leader of Russia. As the men talked behind closed doors for over two hours at the G-20 summit, Twitter got to work:

The joke is not that old, but it feels ancient. The Lithuanian mural atop Bruni’s piece of Trump and Putin kissing went viral over a year ago; Trump smooched a shirtless Putin on Saturday Night Live in November; and Stephen Colbert was assailed for calling Trump Putin’s “cock holster” in May. In the press, where it’s generally untoward to tease a president in explicitly sexual terms, Trump is said to have many “bromances”—attempted, “budding,” ongoing, and failed: with Tom Brady, with James Comey, with Rodrigo Duterte, with Andrew Jackson (d. 1845), with Morning Joe, with Kim Jong-un, with Narendra Modi (actually a romance, no b), with Rupert Murdoch, with Elon Musk, with Benjamin Netanyahu, with Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, with Xi Jinping. And with Qatar Airways CEO Akbar El-Baker. And, of course, with Putin. (Trump has not, according to the press, had a ro- or bromance with Peter Thiel, who is gay and just his “tech pal.”) These references occur regularly in straight news coverage as ostensibly neutral descriptions. They’re also very, very popular with political cartoonists.

The trope is deployed not because it is novel but because it is not. It is hammered like a schoolyard taunt, with a smug assurance that Trump has been duly “trolled.” Like a lot of liberal comedy right now, it serves a fantasy of resistance through snark. (Think of Seth Rogen’s dumb Twitter messages to Donald Jr., recently glorified on Colbert’s show, or the news—ecstatically received in February and then chronicled as legend only three months later—that Melissa McCarthy had humiliated Sean Spicer.) Sexual politics aside, our glee in calling Trump gay says more about us than it does about him.

There’s more at the original, but it’s par for the course for the left. The stereotypical insinuation is that male homosexuals are weak and effeminate, weakness and femininity being conflated, and that is just what the left are doing with it’s use of homosexual slurs against President Trump.

It’s pretty obvious that the President is not homosexual, given his predilection for seeking trophy wives. He could, I suppose, have had a homosexual dalliance or two about which we know nothing, but it seems somewhat far-fetched that he could have done anything which has really remained secret, given the intensity of the scrutiny under which he has been since he declared his candidacy.

The left know that, yet they continue to use homosexual insults against the President. Why? The left suppose that conservatives see homosexuality as the worst insult which can be made against someone, so they use it. Trouble is, in doing so, they not only reveal their own hypocrisy, homosexual acceptance being one of the major tenets of modern ‘progressive’ thinking, but that they hold, themselves, the negative stereotypes of homosexuals that they project on conservatives.

The use of such against the President is nothing new; when the Rev Jerry Falwell died, the left gleefully characterized him as being sodomized in Hell. Yet conservatives, who supposedly abhor all things homosexual, with the unfortunate notable exception of the characterization of Hillary Clinton as being a lesbian,1 have tended not to do that.

Why don’t conservatives use that tactic? I cannot speak for anyone else, but I don’t use it because it is an assault on the truth, and the truth about the left is damning enough as far as I am concerned. I would guess that most other conservatives are sensible enough to realize that using homosexuality as an insulting implication against liberals, when such things aren’t actually true, only weakens their arguments. One would think that the oh-so-intellectual left would be able to see that weakness as well, but apparently many of them cannot.

Then again, for all of their claims of superior intellect, the left are actually pretty stupid.

  1. Something that this writer has not done.


  1. I have noticed for years the first people to scream *fag* are homosexuals followed closely by leftists. For some reason gays are always calling people fags but the left does it because they’re pigs. BTW, the only people I ever hear use *nigger* are blacks and leftists too. Conservatives, especially Christian conservatives don’t do that. It might be because I don’t associate with people who would talk that way but I think it’s more of a general observation. Of course I don’t associate with many leftists. If I wanted to be around gloomy, emotional and hysterical people I’d hang with teenage girls.

  2. The left wing isn’t so much stupid as shameless. They don’t care about their own hypocrisy, hence the endless lectures about “global warming” from celebrities and other rich lefties who enjoy lavish lifestyles that they have no intention of giving up.

  3. PS: Here’s a piece I posted this morning on another site.

    I think it’s the power of guilt-mongering, a talent the leftards excel at. When normal people oppose mass immigration from (very) foreign countries, they are called “Racists”. Ditto if they support normal marriage, except the slur du jour is “Homophobe” or “Bigot”.

    But this can only last so long. When normal people retort with “I reject your guilt-mongering” or else “Who cares what you think?”, the left wing will lose much of their power.

  4. We did that, Eric. It’s called “President Trump”. BTW, I have found that by referring to Trump as *President Trump* every time you use his name makes the lefties go nuts. You can see their blood boil and their eyes widen. Try it, then step back and bask in the glory of an insane leftist.

  5. Of course, I always use the proper honorifics, and refer to the President as either President Trump or Mr Trump, alternating them for prosaic reasons. I did the same with President Obama.

    The left simply can’t do that. One commenter on the Delaware Liberal refers to tRump, while Jeffrey, The Pirate’s Coves resident leftist — I almost said resident Perry — refers to him as Drumpf or some other choice, childish names.

  6. Well Mr. Editor Jeffery is the single reason I no longer visit nor comment at Pirates Cove. I love the blog but the insidious bile that one must tolerate from an insufferable and immoral a-hole like Jeffery just isn’t worth it. I also have stopped commenting at Patterico at least for a while. I think Patterico has become so anti Trump they can’t see anything other than their seething hate. Every thread degenerates into a Trump bashing cluster. I can understand that some didn’t want Trump as the GOP candidate but once he was and now that he’s president the only thing being a neverTrumper accomplishes is it gives more steam to the left. You know, the commies, anarchists and socialists who want to destroy Western Civilization.

    Trump is president and since he’s a Republican he is de facto head of the Republican Party. If you are not for Trump then you are not for the Republican Party. It isn’t rocket science.

    I ask on question: If the Democrat leftists succeed in removing Trump from office do you really think they will be appeased with Pence as president? They will not stop with Trump and I suggest they will try for a *special election*. Mark my words.

  7. Just one more note. I visit many blogs. I visit them for a variety of reasons from good commenters to excellent articles, cartoons, links etc. I NEVER visit one to listen to the same anti Trump crap I can here at CNNMSNBCCBSABCNBC all day every day. When Pirates Cove allowed Jeffery to hijack every thread to rant like a rat about Trump I left. I know Patterico couldn’t care less if I click in or not but when I see the same leftist names on the right column posting I know it’s gonna be more anti Trump and less looking at todays REAL problems and REAL ideas for fixing the slowly collapsing once-great country of ours.

    I’m surprised ropelight still posts there. He usually won’t put up with that crap.

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