Not much of a surprise

President Obama earned a title he probably finds unsettling:

World’s Greatest Gun Salesman Sets Incredible New Record

Posted at 9:16 am on June 7, 2016 by Bob Owens

President Barack Obama has glibly been awarded the title of the World’s Greatest Guns Salesman during his seven years in office, and it appears that his eighth and final year will be his most successful ever.

According to the FBI, the NICS background check system, which serves as a proxy for gun sales, reported 1,870,000 background checks in the month of May, the highest in recorded history and enough to re-equip the entire United States military. That is 290,000 more background checks than last May, 440,000 more than May of 2014, and 850,000 less than Obama’s first May in office in 2009.

NICS background checks are a known undercount proxy for actual gun sales, as a number of states allow concealed carry permit holders (which undergo far more rigorous background checks) to buy guns without additional NICS checks, and one NICS check can cover multiple simultaneous firearms purchases from FFLs, and private sales of personal firearms also do not go through NICS checks in most states.

It is very reasonable to conclude that there were more than two million firearms sold in May in the United States.

Perhaps the firearms manufacturers would like to have him back!

Assault rifles are piling up at stores

by Aaron Smith | May 9, 2017: 1:16 PM ET

Sales of Sturm Ruger’s assault rifles declined recently, and the company says it’s because of an inventory backlog at stores that stocked up ahead of last fall’s election.

Ruger(RGR) said Tuesday that its sales and profits slipped 3% in the first quarter, compared to a year ago, as demand from retailers weakened.

“Coming out of the election, we saw a lot of inventory, so we had to be aggressive on our promotions,” CEO Christopher Killoy said.

Assault rifles are the military-style guns the industry calls modern sporting rifles.

According to Ruger, which makes the AR-556 and other AR-15s, retailers were stockpiling ahead of Election Day.

Assault rifles sold briskly during President Obama’s eight years in office, because he tried to have them restricted, causing a surge in sales. Hillary Clinton, during her presidential campaign, spurred sales even further because gun control was part of her platform.

Ruger said in a statement that “decreased overall consumer demand” in the first quarter followed “stronger-than-normal demand during most of 2016, likely bolstered by the political campaigns for the November 2016 elections.”

There’s more at the original.

It’s pretty simple: Americans who thought that they’d wish to purchase a firearm bought ahead, because they were worried that the Democrats would try to curtail their Second Amendment rights. When the voters elected a President who stated that he would protect our rights, would obey the Constitution, the impetus to buy ahead vanished.

And today? Our right to keep and bear arms seems to be safely secured — at least for the next two years — and the left have now turned their attention on trying to curtail our First Amendment rights.

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