Marie Harf gets #Outnumbered

From Fox News:

‘That’s Obama Propaganda’: McCain, Harf Battle Over ‘Success’ of Iran Deal

April 20, 2017 | 12:47 PM EDT

On “Outnumbered” today, Meghan McCain and Marie Harf got into a testy exchange while discussing the Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

McCain agreed with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s assessment that the Iran deal “fails to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran.”

She said that of all the sins of the previous administration, this is the one that future generations will feel the most ramifications from.

Harf, a former State Department official under Obama, insisted that the deal is working.

“The Iranians have upheld their part of the bargain,” Harf said. “Because of that deal, today they are over a year away from being able to get a weapon. Before the deal, they were under 60 days away.”

She said Iran’s nuclear program has been “greatly diminished” as a result of the deal.

McCain argued that it is not a success and it’s actually the biggest foreign policy catastrophe of Obama’s eight years as commander-in-chief.

There’s a little more at the original; I’ll add the video when I see it available.

I actually like Marie Harf, in that she’s willing to stick to her guns and make her case. On #Outnumbered, where the show style is one man ‘outnumbered’ by four women, it sometimes becomes one liberal, Miss Harf, outnumbered by four conservatives.

But there’s one point I just have to make. Miss Harf said that Iran has had to give up 90% of its nuclear weapons material under the agreement. And yes, that was what the agreement specified. But it wasn’t that long ago that then-Secretary of State John Kerry, for whom Miss Harf worked, told us that Syria was in compliance, and all of its chemical weapons were gone. Then, just earlier this month, Miss Harf was on the hook, having to explain away how Syria managed to launch a chemical weapons attack after all of their chemical weapons were gone:

Marie Harf, a Fox News contributor and former spokeswoman for Secretary of State John Kerry, scrambled on Wednesday to defend the Obama-era Syria deal from 2013, admitting it was not “perfect.”

The Obama administration has come under fire after the Syrian regime launched a chemical weapon attack last week that killed more than 80 people. Obama, Kerry and others repeatedly claimed credit for a deal in 2013 that rid the country of its chemical weapons stockpile.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked Harf whether she agreed with President Trump’s decision to order a military strike against Syria last week.

“I did. I thought it was a good response to President Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” Harf said. “What I’m more focused on now quite frankly is the strategy going forward and what happens next in Syria.”

Hemmer then asked Harf whether Obama was given the same military option during his presidency.

Harf claimed that while she was at the State Department in 2013, they wanted to use force against Syria when it was discovered that they used chemical weapons. However, Harf said that Congress did not give the Obama administration authorization to use force, so Kerry had to conduct a backup plan and negotiate an agreement to get chemical weapons out of Syria.

She conceded to her point that Obama should have just attacked Syria without Congress’s authorization, but then she pivoted to defending the Obama administration for getting 1,300 tons of weapons out of Syria.

“Either they hid some [chemical weapons] that we didn’t know about or they’ve made more in the last 3.5 years,” Harf said.

Hemmer played a clip of Kerry from January talking about how they got “all of the weapons of mass destruction” out of Syria.

There’s more at the original, but I would have thought that Miss Harf would have been a bit more circumspect about declaring that Iran was in compliance, when the evidence that Syria had not been was made evident by about seventy dead men, women and children. Add to that the prior discussion, on the same show, concerning North Korea’s bluster and nuclear program, when North Korea had also broken agreements concerning nuclear weapons, and someone as intelligent and educated as Miss Harf ought to know that totalitarian regimes cannot be counted upon to keep their agreements, not when the dictators decide otherwise. This was an area of expertise for her: “on June 1, 2015, she became Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications to Secretary Kerry, continuing her work leading the Iran nuclear negotiations communications strategy.”

Well, perhaps she really does. Perhaps Miss Harf is simply playing the role assigned to her when Fox News signed her. Me, I’d rather see honesty.


  1. “Ms. Harf” is doing exactly the job in precisely the way I would expect when a woman is chosen to do that job. Poorly. Yes, I said it.

    … it sometimes becomes one liberal, Miss Harf, outnumbered by four conservatives.

    I believe it would serve all you conservatives well to understand what I have realized; the Obama Legacy is that there are no longer any “liberals” they are all Leftists now. They are fascists and they display their fascism daily, with pride. They hate America, whites, Christians, Jews, capitalists, business, and any other vestige of the Founding Fathers and Founding Documents. They cannot be compromised with like liberals could because in any compromise between Good and Evil, evil wins.

    They are using our own Constitution against us in a real life version of Vladimir Lenin’s famous quip: ” The capitalist will sell us the rope that we will hang them with”. There’s an old saying: “The best lie the Devil ever told is when he convinced us he doesn’t exist”. Well, ever since the fall of the USSR the leftists around the world have tried to convince everybody that communism is dead and gone. It’s a lie. It’s alive, it’s here and it’s taken over the Democrat party.

    Some people I know keep telling me that not all Democrats buy in to that far leftist commie crap of Hillary, Schumer, Maxine, Pelosi et al. and therefore the Democrat Party is “merely” the liberal party. Wrong! Conservative today believe the same principles they did 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Some have even moved a tad left. But yesterdays liberals are todays moderates and those who call themselves liberal today are hiding their fascist/communist desires under a thin veneer of legitimacy as so-called liberals.

    The left has taken over and destroyed the “loyal opposition” and turned it into a domestic enemy. And it’s the Democrat’s own fault because in their quest for power they gave a seat at the table to socialists, communists, racists and every as$hole with a grievance. And these pigs took over the party. What did they expect?

    Remember if you have a barrel of wine and pour in a gallon of garbage you now have a barrel of garbage. But if you have a gallon of garbage and pour in a gallon of wine you still have a barrel of garbage. So goes the Democrat party.

    Because the left has become so vile, so anti American-white-Christian and even male (and non-radical female) I have actually discontinued visiting and commenting on about a dozen blogs I’ve been with for years. That’s because the leftists at these blogs have become so hostile, so anti American so vile and depraved that I often came away feeling dirty just sparring with them on the internet. It actually made me feel dirty. I can’t change their minds if they have any to change so the banter just demeans myself for having anything to do with such filth. And all but two of these are “conservative” blogs. I figure when I’m debating politics with a fellow American and when he looses he wishes me dead it’s time to stop all interaction with that person. Or when strangers start bringing my wife into the discussion. Or clowns who never went to war are calling me a coward. I don’t need to be surrounded with ignorance. If I wanted that I’d go back to college.

    So there is no help for the left. If they win, America as it was Founded is over. We see that on college campuses today. They limit eliminate Free Speech because they believe government “grants” us that right not that they are unalienable rights” granted by God……they don’t believe in God. Government is their God. Sound familiar? Vladimir, oh Vladimir?

  2. … I also believe that Harf said that we have inspectors “crawling all over” Iran as if to say we know exactly what is going on and Iran is complying… well, from what I know, the ‘crawling all over part’ is just patiently false…..

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