Alisyn Camerota sets a trap for Jon Ossoff How can Georgia voters trust a man who can't answer such a simple question?

I caught part of CNN’s New Day this morning, when Alisyn Camerota was giving Jon Ossoff, the leading Democratic candidate for the special election to fill the 6th congressional district seat vacated by Tom Price what at least seemed to be a softball interview. Then, she opened up the trap, and he stepped right into it.

First, Miss Camerota asked a question to which she already knew the answer, whether it was true that Mr Ossoff could not vote in his own election. He admitted that he cannot, that while he was born and raised in what is now the 6th district, he lives about ten minutes south, with his girlfriend, a medical student at Emory University. That much was already known, and published, but then Miss Camerota laid her trap, asking when Mr Ossoff planned on marrying his girlfriend,1 even suggesting an election day proposal. Mr Ossoff refused to answer, blowing it off as a personal question.

Mr Ossoff was very prepared for all of Miss Camerota’s questions except that one. His girlfriend is described as his “high school sweetheart,” and Mr Ossoff said that they’ve been together for twelve years, but he doesn’t know how to answer a question about when they will marry, when he is running for political office?

The truth is that Mr Ossoff didn’t want to answer the question, because he knew it wouldn’t help him in his campaign. If you have been ‘dating’ someone for twelve years, and are now living together, the subject has to have arisen by now. If Mr Ossoff cannot answer that simple a question about himself, how can voters trust anything else about him?2

  1. Mr Ossoff referred to her as his “girlfriend” on every occasion, never taking any opportunity to refer to her as his “fiancée.”
  2. This article updated at 5:52 PM EDT.


  1. The video:

    From Talking Points Memo:

    “So when are you going to marry her?” she asked.

    “I think I could reasonably say that’s more a personal question,” Ossoff replied with a laugh. “I’ll give you a call when I have something to announce.”

    Camerota then offered a suggestion on a proposal idea.

    “Please do. Perhaps, say, an election day proposal would be good,” she said.

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