This is how Republicans should act!

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

House GOP offers leaner Pa. budget; Dem leader says it ‘cuts into bone’

By Karen Langley | Harrisburg Bureau | Updated: April 3, 2017 — 7:29 PM EDT

HARRISBURG –Recommending government-wide cuts, House GOP leaders Monday unveiled a budget that a top Democrat said “cuts into the bone” of what he described as Gov. Wolf’s already austere spending plan.

The Republicans called for spending $31.5 billion in the fiscal year that begins July 1, compared to the Democratic governor’s $32.3 billion.

The Republican plan would include trims to prison and human-service agencies.

The legislation leaves intact the governor’s proposed increases to the main K-12 education line and for special education, while calling for a smaller increase to early childhood education than Wolf had suggested.

House GOP leaders said they plan to vote the bill out of the House on Tuesday, sending it to the Senate.

“Ideally we would love for this bill to go directly to the Senate, over to the governor’s desk, get signed and we could move on with our lives,” said House Majority Leader Dave Reed, R-Indiana.

There’s more at the link.

As you’d guess, the Democrats are just horribly upset, saying that the Republicans are past cutting fat and meat, and are slicing into the bone. To that, I say: good!

Republicans control both Houses of the state legislature, and can, therefore, pass whatever they wish. Unfortunately, Governor Tom Wolf is a Democrat, and he always wants to spend more money; he’ll throw up roadblocks, and veto the budget, but he cannot force the Republicans to spend more money. Since Pennsylvania state government doesn’t shut down due to lack of appropriations, the worst thing we’d get is continuing spending at current levels.

Your Editor will be moving from Pennsylvania this July, so, in one way, it shouldn’t matter to me, as long as my taxes don’t increase, but this should be a lesson for Republicans everywhere: they should cut spending as much as possible.