M*A*S*H was a (supposedly) liberally-oriented television comedy series in the seventies, but it appears that liberalism in the seventies sure was different from the way it is today.

In an episode entitled Edwina, which ran this morning on Sundance TV, the plot is:

Edwina “Eddie” Ferguson, a petite, fairly attractive, but hopelessly clumsy nurse, cannot find romance at the 4077th—or anywhere else, for that matter, as she confides to Margie Cutler. The other nurses at the Double Natural discuss her problem and agree to put their romantic relationships with the doctors and corpsmen on hold until someone agrees to date Eddie.

Eventually, to end the romantic drought the doctors draw straws to be her date for an evening, and Hawkeye draws the short straw. Hilarity ensues as his best smooth operator technique collides head on with Eddie’s innate klutziness.

Of course, it is series star Alan Alda who draws the short straw, and has to date Edwina, slapstick comedy ensuing. The jokes are based on the willingness of the nurses to copulate with the doctors, laugh lines and innuendo against homosexuals, and pretty much everything which would have fit seventies-era culture and comedy. I figure that today’s left ought to protest the whole series.