John Kasich tries to throw a monkey wrench into the Trump presidency

From a CNN reporter with an incredibly good name:

First on CNN: John Kasich starts new political chapter

By Dana Bash, CNN | Updated 4:40 PM ET, Friday, February 10, 2017

Washington (CNN)Just three weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency, associates of former Republican primary rival John Kasich are already positioning him as the GOP’s Trump alternative, launching a new political organization to champion his campaign themes — from political tolerance to fiscal discipline.

The organization, called Two Paths America, will push for a balanced budget amendment, strong national defense and political bridge building.

“We believe there is more that brings us together than divides us, and that when we do come together, when we unite, America always wins,” the homepage of the group’s new website reads.

Two Paths America is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit political organization. It will advocate for policy and ideas and be run by longtime Kasich aides like John Weaver and Chris Schrimpf, but the Ohio governor will not technically be involved. However, Kasich’s campaign apparatus, Kasich for America, continues to exist as well as his Super PAC, New Day for America.

Kasich was one of the last of the 17 Republican presidential candidates to drop out of the race, despite only winning one GOP primary — that of his home state.

His moderate brand of Republicanism failed to catch on in a year when GOP voters were instead attracted to a firebrand first-time politician.

There’s more at the link. The website for Two Paths America is a subsidiary of; they couldn’t even come up with a separate website!

The problem for Governor Kasich is that Two Paths is very much wrongly named. It implies that Mr Kasich wishes to take a different path from President Trump, which I can see, but it ignores the rather obvious fact that there are other paths as well, paths outside the Republican Party. President Trump might have one path, and Governor Kasich is planning to start another, but there are people out there like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who would propose a third path, one much different from either Republican path, and splitting the GOP vote doesn’t make John Kasich the next President; that honor would almost surely go to a Democrat.

The article noted that “it is unclear if Kasich will go so far as challenging Trump in a 2020 GOP primary,” but if he does, and isn’t squashed down immediately, neither Mr Trump nor Mr Kasich will win the 2020 election. John Kasich had his chance: he put himself before the Republican primary voters in 2016, and they rejected him.