Lock ’em up! Convict them of felonies and jail them for as long as the law allows. Felony disenfranchement should take them off the voter rolls forever

From The Los Angeles Times:

Man shot before Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ speaking event is in critical condition

By Rick Anderson | January 21, 2017 | 10:25 PM PST

Seattle — Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ divisive speaking tour, provoking shouting matches and fistfights among college-age fans and foes, has now degenerated to the level of gunfire. A man was in critical condition Saturday after being shot outside a University of Washington hall prior to the controversial far-right commentator’s speech there Friday night.

The 32-year-old victim was rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery after being shot in the stomach, police said. A person of interest in the shooting turned himself in to University of Washington police, and was held for questioning.

A police official told the Seattle Times late Saturday that the man who fired the gun said he had fired in self-defense and that the man he shot was “some type of white supremacist.” The suspect was released without charges pending further investigation.

On Friday, black-hooded protesters were shown in videos sparking assaults outside Kane Hall on campus. Police had blocked the entrance after scuffles broke out over the Breitbart editor’s sold-out appearance.

When a group of protesters arrived after a downtown rally — where police had seized wooden dowels, homemade shields, flares, hammers and other items from masked people in the crowd — tensions increased. Protesters “began throwing bricks and paint toward police and others in the crowd,” police said in a statement.

“Seattle has a long, proud tradition of speaking up and speaking out, but we will not tolerate violence of any kind, “ said Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.

There’s more at the link, but the fifth paragraph is the telling one: the left showed up to protest Mr Yiannopoulos’ speech, with several wearing masks and armed in ways that indicate they intended to assault people. We don’t know yet whether the man who shot the victim was or was not acting in self defense — that remains a possibility — but the masked men who came armed for rioting clearly were not.

As I have noted previously, I did not vote for Donald Trump, but the actions of the left increase my likelihood of supporting him. Conservatives don’t act like this; conservatives are actually civilized.

Image of the First Amendment, from the original document. It was listed as the third article; the first two amendments proposed were not ratified. Click to enlarge.

Image of the First Amendment, from the original document. It was listed as the third article; the first two amendments proposed were not ratified. Click to enlarge.

The First Amendment recognizes and guarantees the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances, and I absolutely support that. It is the cretins who come looking to start fights, looking to assault those with whom they disagree, who need to be arrested the moment they break the law, charged to the full extent of the law, convicted of felonies if at all possible, and incarcerated for as long as the law allows. The felony conviction is the important part: it will deprive them of the privilege of voting in future elections — and I am absolutely, unalterably opposed to ever ending felony disenfranchisement — and restrict them to lousy jobs once they get out.


  1. Seattle — Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ divisive speaking tour

    I love how the press labels conservatives as “Divisive”, yet when someone like Gloria Steinem organizes a rally, it’s NOT labeled divisive.

  2. The very word “divisive” is why Trump won, Eric, and they just don’t get it. We don’t need their opinion of who or what is divisive in a news article. That’s the very definition of “fake news” because it is not news, it’s opinion being passed off as news.

    I’ve also said there is nothing giving the right to wear masks to assemble and only those with nefarious ends do so.

    • It’s funny. A couple days ago I saw a promo for Bill Maher’s show, and he was saying “Democrats need to get out and vote.” Well, they did, it’s just a lot of them voted for Trump. It was Trump, not Hillary, who appealed to working class and middle class voters, the very people democrats have taken for granted since Roosevelt. But today’s democrats are more like Bill Maher himself, the upper class Snooty Elites, people who are much more worried about global warming than about losing their job to an illegal immigrant or a factory in China.

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