Democrisy: the man who wanted to be President says that the next President shouldn’t take unilateral decisions

Secretary of State John F Kerry said:

No one has a right to make decisions that affect billions of people based solely on ideology or without proper input.

Hat tip to William Teach.

Translation: no one has a right to take decisions that affect billions of people unless they take those decisions in the way Mr Kerry approves. The Secretary certainly approved of it when the Democrats took the decision that everyone had to buy health insurance; he even voted for it when he was in the Senate. When President Obama, on his own, formulated regulations as part of the horrible Affordable Care Act which requires Catholic organizations to violate their First Amendment rights to the free exercise of religion, by requiring them to pay for artificial contraception, Mr Kerry — who claims to be Catholic, but supports an unlimited abortion right — was perfectly fine with that.

The Secretary made his statement at the United Nations’ annual climate change meeting, in Marrakesh, Morocco. How did he get there? By flying in a carbon-spewing, fossil-fueled jet. A whole host of world leaders were meeting in Marrakesh, and they all got there via fossil-fueled conveyances. This is the 21st century; every world leader has videoconferencing technology available; if they were truly concerned about spewing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, they could have demonstrated it by foregoing the vacation in Morocco, and using modern communication technology to meet without traveling at all. But when the patricians say that we must dramatically reduce carbon emissions, they mean that the plebeians must reduce their carbon emissions; they don’t mean that they should be inconvenienced themselves.

And they wonder why Donald Trump won the election!

Mr Kerry would be perfectly fine with the President taking decisions that affect billions of people if those decisions were taken differently. Indeed, in 2004, he wanted to be the person taking those decisions, and we can thank the Lord — and President Bush — that he didn’t get his way.

If the left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.