I voted my conscience today

I voted todayWork ran late today, but I still got off in plenty of time to get to the polls and vote. There was a bit of a line, but not much, and they all looked like working people, who were casting their ballots after doing their jobs all day.

I voted as I said I would, for Libertarian Party nominees Gary Johnson and William Weld for President and Vice President. I know that they haven’t even a snowball’s chance of winning, but it is a vote of which I can be proud. If Hillary Clinton carries Pennsylvania by one vote, you can blame me, but my expectation is that Mrs Clinton will carry the Keystone State by a substantial margin; the last Republican to carry the state was the elder George Bush, in 1988.

For the important political offices, I voted straight Republican: Pat Toomey for Senate, Matt Connolly for US House of Representatives, Doyle Heffley for the state House of Representatives, and John Rafferty for state Attorney General. Just because I’d like to see Libertarians have more ballot access, I voted for Roy Minet, the Libertarian nominee for Auditor General.

When it comes to the presidential race, I figure that Donald Trump wouldn’t be quite as bad as Hillary Clinton, but he’s such a loose cannon, I am not at all certain. I am praying that the GOP holds the Senate, to stymie any of Mrs Clinton’s judicial nominees.