Orange is the new black: Kathleen Kane is out on bail, pending her appeals She received a very light sentence; she ought to just go ahead and get it over with

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Despite plea for leniency, Kane gets 10 to 23 months in jail

by Angela Couloumbis and Craig R. McCoy, Staff Writers

Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D-PA) is led away from the Montgomery County Courthouse in handcuffs.

Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D-PA) is led away from the Montgomery County Courthouse in handcuffs.

A tearful Kane pleaded for leniency, urging the judge to consider the impact on her sons.

“I would cut off my right arm if they were separated from me and I from them,” she said. “Please sentence me and not them.”

But (Judge) Demchick-Alloy was not swayed. “It’s a shame that they had to go through all of this,” she told Kane. “But that’s a decision you made, not this court.”

Unable to immediately post $75,000 bail, Kane was led in handcuffs from the courtroom to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Eagleville. She was released hours later – and might not have to return any time soon. She will remain free on bail until she exhausts her state appeals, a process that could take months.

As long as Mrs Kane behaved in prison, she’d be released in ten months, if she’d just go ahead and start serving her sentence. She got off easily, and it would simply make sense to go ahead and do her time, now, and get it over with. “Until she exhausts her state appeals” will probably take longer than the ten months it would take her to complete her sentence. As a first-time offender, convicted of crimes which had no violent component, and a low escape risk, Mrs Kane would almost certainly be assigned to a reasonably safe, minimum security facility.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, glamorized by The New York Times and called the “Democrats’ new ‘It’ Girl” by Real Clear Politics. (Photo: Mark Makela for The New York Times) Click to enlarge.

Instead, she’s going to rack up millions more in legal fees, in a case that was so open-and-shut it took the jury only 4½ hours to deliberate and convict on all charges.

Mrs Kane is currently receiving $350,000 in alimony and child support from her estranged husband, Christopher Kane of Kane is Able trucking, and is anticipating about $6 million in the final settlement. I suppose that as long as she’s out on bail, that alimony and child support will continue, but with the legal expenses she’s accruing, $350,000 won’t do much more than pay the lawyers. Unless Mr Kane does not want custody, Mrs Kane would seem likely to lose custody, now being a convicted felon.

Their sons are aged 15 and 14; they would still be minors when Mrs Kane completes her sentence, if she would just go ahead and serve her time and get it over with! “The Democrats’ new ‘It Girl‘s'” reputation is in tatters, and all that an appeal can do at this point is to keep her name in the news, and not in a good way.

She can do her time, and then live quietly on the millions she’ll get from her soon-to-be ex-husband. That might not be what she envisioned when, as a newly-elected Attorney General, the first Democrat ever elected to that office in Pennsylvania, she was being touted as a challenger to then-Governor Tom Corbett (R-PA), with perhaps a US Senate or even presidential race in her future, but it’s really the best she has left.

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