Why bring in 110,000 refugees when we can’t take care of all of our own people?

We have previously noted that the ‘official’ U-3 unemployment rate of 4.9% is really a bogus statistic, and that the U-6 unemployment rate of 9.7% is a far more accurate indicator.

In August of 2016, the “participation rate”1 in the labor force was 62.8% of the eligible population; that was lower than any August of the entire Obama Administration, except for 2015. In 2009 and 2010, the worst years of the economic downturn, the August participation rate was 65.4% and 64.7%, respectively. It was in the 66% range every August during the Bush Administration. Other than 2015, it was the lowest August participation rate since 1977, Jimmy Carter’s first year as President.

Simply put, while 4.9% of the working aged, work-eligible population which does not have a job is actively looking for employment, another 4.8% would like to have a full-time job, but have given up looking for one because they are too discouraged at the prospects of actually finding one. Roughly speaking, for every ten people employed, there’s another person who wants a job, but cannot find one.

So, what does the Obama Administration want to do about that?

Obama Is Reportedly Planning to Bring a Lot More Refugees to the U.S.

by Reuters | September 13, 2016, 11:51 PM EDT

The Obama Administration plans to increase the number of refugees admitted to the United States by 30% in fiscal year 2017, according to the Wall Street Journal, which cited an annual refugee report submitted to Congress.

Secretary of State John Kerry presented the new target of 110,000 in the 2017 fiscal year starting Oct. 1, up from 85,000 in 2016, during a closed session to members of the House and Senate judiciary committees on Tuesday, according to the newspaper.

Kerry has said repeatedly over the past year that the United States would admit at least 100,000 refugees in fiscal 2017 and try to admit more if it were able.

Using the August 2016 numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics2, we have a working aged, work-eligible civilian population of 253,854,000, of whom only 159,463,000 are considered to be in the labor force. Including the U-6 numbers, there are roughly 15,538,000 unemployed or underemployed people in this country, yet President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry want to add another 110,000 people to that number!

Even if we assume that the various ‘screening’ procedures are 100% effective, that not a single potential Islamist terrorist gets through, we would still be adding 110,000 more people, very few of whom speak English and have skills — other than manual labor — which translate to the American job market. All of these people will need to be fed and clothed and housed, and that means we would be importing another 110,000 welfare recipients.

With 15,538,000 Americans not being taken care of, with 15,538,000 Americans who need jobs, why on God’s earth would we bring in another 110,000 who won’t be able to find work? We haven’t been able to take care of all of our own people; it’s sheer stupidity to bring in more!

The American taxpayer is already overburdened, and even with that, the federal government is running huge deficits, with the current fiscal year deficit projected to wind up at $590 billion, up from the $534 billion projected last March. Even with too-high taxes, the federal government is still having to borrow more and more money, and we still aren’t taking care of everyone who needs help, so, naturally, the ‘solution’ is to import even more people who need help!

But, it’s more than just the federal government which will see increased burdens. State and local governments are having a tough time funding the public schools, and bringing in 110,000 refugees, few of whom speak English, means that the local school districts where these refugees are settled will have the additional expenses of not only educating the children who are part of the refugee population, but providing teachers and translators who speak Arabic.

Barack Hussein Obama is supposed to be President of the United States of America. That means that his responsibility is to the United States, not to everybody else. Bringing in more refugees to burden the American taxpayers is the wrong thing to do!

  1. The civilian labor force participation rate is the number of employed and unemployed but looking for a job as a percentage of the population aged 16 years and over.
  2. This reference is updated monthly, so if you check the link after the next release, the numbers may be different.


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