Back from Vacation

Scene from the top of Natural Bridge. Click to enlarge.

Scene from the top of Natural Bridge. Click to enlarge.

Your Editor took this photo from the top of Natural Bridge State Resort Park in Slade, Kentucky. We were in the Bluegrass State for vacation, and to look at a piece of property for retirement.

Now, unless the Lord has other plans which he hasn’t shared with me, I won’t be retiring for another five years, but the news is that we found a great place, at a tremendous bargain, and we have put in an offer on it. The paperwork is still pending, but there are no other offers on the table, and anticipate closing in mid-September. (The current owners need time to move.) I was going to publish a picture of it, but have decided to wait until we actually own the place. We weren’t planning on buying this trip, although my darling bride (of 35 years, 2 months and 28 days) had suggested that we could look at some land on which to build, and if we found the right piece of land, we might buy it this trip. Then, we found a decent house on an absolutely perfect piece of land — a hair under 8 acres — with river frontage, and everything seems to be falling into place. We toured the home on Tuesday, and made the offer Wednesday. The house needs some work, but it’s livable.

On Friday, we all went kayaking down the Red River, in Red River Gorge. (Each word is a separate link.) My wife, daughter and I are all experienced kayakers — though hardly experts — but my sister and her husband are not. There are several rapids to be negotiated on the eight-mile journey we took, but none of them are stronger than Class II. Even at that, I got dumped at one spot! The rapids weren’t serious, but it was a tight spot, I made a mistake that got me turned sideways, and over I went.

The Red River is not deep at all, and if you get dumped, all that you have to do is stand up in the vast majority of areas. A beginning kayaker can do the trip, and the hardest task he’ll have is learning to get in the kayak itself without going over. We rented kayaks for this trip,1 and took a standard journey, but it was still just the five of us, and no large kayaking tour. And there simply is no more beautiful place to go down river than the Gorge. The river has plenty of rocks, and there are a lot of naturally fallen trees around which to navigate, but that’s all part of the fun. I’d have loved to take pictures, but I didn’t take the camera, because I knew that I’d ruin it.

That’s it for now; I’m going to bed!

  1. We own our own kayaks, but they were back in Pennsylvania.

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