The American Left and their (not so) subtle anti-Semitism

From The Wall Street Journal:

Palestine and Double Standards
The world is outraged by Israeli self-defense but only ‘concerned’ when Muslims kill Muslims.
By Bret Stephens | Aug. 4, 2014 7:29 p.m. ET

What follows are excerpts from a June 30, 2014, news account by Tim Craig, the Washington Post’s bureau chief in Pakistan:

Pakistan’s military launched a major ground offensive in the northwestern part of the country Monday, beginning what army commanders say will be a ‘house-to-house search’ for terrorist leaders and other militants.

The offensive began after two weeks of airstrikes in North Waziristan. . . .

In a statement, Pakistan’s military said its soldiers discovered ‘underground tunnels’ and ‘preparation factories’ for explosives during the initial hours of the ground assault. . . .

Backed by artillery and tanks, troops killed 17 terrorists Monday, the army said. Combined with the toll from airstrikes that began June 16, a total of 376 terrorists have died in the offensive, the army said. . . .

More than a half-million residents fled North Waziristan ahead of the ground offensive. The mass evacuation of the area, which has a population of about 600,000, was intended to limit civilian casualties during the operation. The military also set up checkpoints in the area to trap militants.

There’s a lot more at the link, but Mr Stephens, the author, takes us through what else has been happening:

  • Some 1,600 people were killed in Iraq in July, as ISIS fights against the government;
  • In the last ten days, about 1,800 people have been killed in the continuing civil war in Syria; we only heard about Syria when chemical weapons killed about 1,600 people, even though the civil war has produced about 100,000 deaths;
  • Fighting continues in Libya, where a couple hundred people have been killed; and
  • Boko Haram’s war in Nigeria continues, with about 3,000 killed and as many as half a million displaced. Most of the deaths are by one Muslim group against other Muslims. We only heard about Boko Haram when they kidnapped a few hundred girls, and, oddly enough, the fact that Boko Haram is an Islamic jihadist group tends to go unmentioned.

Mr Stephens’ point was explicit in his conclusion:

As for racism, people often point out how peculiar it is that the Jewish state seems to arouse a level of condemnation that never seems to apply equally elsewhere. But perhaps the real racism is the indifference to Muslim suffering around the world when the person dropping the bomb or pulling the trigger is another Muslim. A world that makes a fetish of the alleged guilt of Israel is also a world that holds too much Muslim life cheap.

We have already noted that many of the protests against the Israeli action in Gaza are just as much anti-Semitic as they are anti-Israeli policy. It is intellectually possible to be opposed to Zionism, the belief that the Jews should have a separate nation, and to Israeli government policy, and not be anti-Semtic, but it is an intellectual trick I have never personally seen accomplished.

Is the war in Gaza a nasty one? Yup, sure is! All war is nasty business, and people, innocent people, get killed in all wars. But the left are trying to attack Israel because there are some non-combatant casualties, some deaths among infants and children, while they don’t give two hoots about all of the innocent people killed when Muslims are fighting amongst themselves.

We pointed out how Brandeis University — a Jewish college! — withdrew a planned honorary degree award for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a native Somali woman who has spoken out against female genital mutilation and other excesses perpetrated in the name of Islam. In the name of multiculturalism, of course, because Brandeis can’t offend anyone.

There is a huge, huge double standard going on among the left, one which criticizes Israel for everything it does, yet sweeps under the rug any mention of the murders and wars and rapes and abuse of women when done by Muslims. Many on the left at least try to be subtle about it, and some don’t even realize exactly what they are saying, but it doesn’t take long to find out-right anti-Semitism, to find things which could have been lifted straight from Mein Kampf.

Norman Berdichevsky wrote American Jews’ Paradoxical Allegiance to the Democratic Party, trying — somewhat vainly — to explain the strong loyalty of American Jewish voters to the Democratic Party. If anything good comes out of the war in Gaza, it could be that American Jewish voters will finally see that, in giving their votes to the left, they are giving their votes to people who hate them.
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