Senator Bob Casey: Lying through his scummy teeth!

Remember back in 1992, how Governor Robert Casey (D-PA), a pro-life Democrat, wanted to speak at the Democratic National Convention? From Wikipedia:

Because he considered abortion a key social issue for the 1992 presidential election, Casey tried to get a speaking slot to give a minority plank on the topic at the 1992 Democratic National Convention. He was not given a speaking slot and said in a series of news conferences the party was censoring his pro-life views even though he agreed with the party on nearly all other issues.

Actions during the convention highlighted the hostility of the Casey-abortion issue. During the convention, Karen Ritter, a pro-choice Pennsylvania legislator, reportedly sold large buttons featuring a picture of Casey dressed as the Pope. And after a speech by another pro-choice supporter from Pennsylvania, DNC supporters actually sent a camera crew in search of Casey in order to humiliate him.

Al Gore called Gov. Casey the next day to apologize.

After the convention, convention organizers tried to say that Casey was not allowed to speak because he did not support the Democratic ticket. By contrast, convention speaker Kathleen Brown had been falsely claimed not to have endorsed the ticket due to bitterness over her brother Jerry Brown‘s losing the nomination, but in actuality Kathleen (along with the other Browns, except for Jerry) had come to support the Clinton ticket prior to the convention.

Several pro-life Democrats such as John Breaux addressed the convention. After the convention, Casey went on vacation rather than campaign for Clinton in Pennsylvania, which was a key swing state. He also refused to say whether he would campaign for the Democratic nominee, though he told the New York Times, “I support the ticket. Period.” Several pro-life Democrats spoke at the convention, but they did not focus their remarks on their opposition to abortion, and the issue was not debated the way that Casey had wanted.

United States Senator Bob Casey, Jr (D-PA), a blatant liar.

Along comes Governor Casey’s son, Bob Casey, Jr, another devout Roman Catholic, and an alumnus of Catholic schools, Scranton Preparatory School, College of the Holy Cross (B.A.) and The Catholic University of America (J.D.), another pro-life Democrat running for office in the Keystone State.  Mr Casey lost the 2002 primary for the gubernatorial nomination to Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell, but, after two terms as Pennsylvania’s State Auditor General and two years as State Treasurer, he ran in, and won, the 2006 campaign for the United States Senate seat then held by Rick Santorum (R-PA).  In the primary, he faced two challengers, both of whom argued that Mr Casey’s views on abortion and other social issues were too conservative for most of the commonwealth’s Democrats, but he won the nomination easily, and handily defeated Senator Santorum in the general election.  From Wikipedia:

Casey, like his father, is pro-life. He has publicly stated his support for overturning Roe v. Wade. From Casey’s election until Specter’s party switch in April 2009, Pennsylvania had the distinction of being represented in the Senate by a pro-life Democrat and a pro-choice Republican (Arlen Specter).

He supports the Pregnant Women Support Act, legislation that grew out of Democrats for Life of America‘s 95-10 Initiative. The Initiative and the Pregnant Women Support Act seek to reduce the abortion rate by providing support to women in unplanned pregnancies. He expressed support for the confirmation of both John Roberts and Samuel Alito for seats on the Supreme Court of the United States; these judges are believed to be in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade. Casey also opposes the funding of embryonic stem-cell research.

Casey voted against barring HHS grants to organizations that provide abortion services, where such services may often not be central to the organization’s chief purpose. Casey also supports over-the-counter sale of emergency contraception, and has voted to overturn the Mexico City policy, which bars the issuance of federal funds to overseas organizations that perform or refer for abortions. The authenticity of Casey’s pro-life commitment has been questioned by some partisan Republican pro-life sources.

In January 2010, a writer for CBN wrote, “I wouldn’t want to be Senator Bob Casey right about now. He is coming under enormous pressure from pro-life groups because they say the ‘Pro-life’ Democratic Senator has not stood strong on the abortion issue during the current healthcare debate.” Casey, according to the CBN writer, had recently gotten “an earful and then some from pro-lifers during a press conference held at the Pennsylvania Capitol.”

Casey received a 100% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America in 2011. He voted against defunding Planned Parenthood. Despite giving him a 100% rating, NARAL still considers him “anti-choice” and has not endorsed him.

Well, we have just found out how pro-life Senator Casey really is. The pro-abortion forces introduced S. 1696, the Women’s Health Protection Act, which is designed to eliminate state restrictions on abortion, through the entire nine months of pregnancy. It was in response to restrictions imposed in states like Texas, where abortion clinics are required to meet rigorous safety and health standards. The Texas law1 is designed, unquestionably, to reduce the number of abortion clinics in the Lone Star State, but it was also in response to “Dr” Kermit Gosnell’s little shop of horrors. When it came time to actually vote on S. 1696, the devout Roman Catholic, pro-life Senator Casey, who represents the state in which “Dr” Gosnell was “practicing,” voted for the bill, as did every other Democrat in the Senate.2

With that vote, Senator Casey just told us, through deeds, that his words are nothing but lies. Senator Casey could have attempted to provide some “moderation,” some bit of pro-life sentiment, which he claims to have, by voting against the bill, because, in the end, the bill is both symbolic and meaningless: its chance of passage by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is infinitesimally small.

A confession: in 2004, your Editor voted for Mr Casey, in his campaign for State Treasurer. The office is mostly apolitical, but I thought that the promotion of a pro-life politician in the Democratic Party would be a good thing. Now, ten years later, I have learned a bitter, bitter lesson: there really is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat! It doesn’t matter what they say, it only matters how they actually vote, and Senator Casey has shown that, regardless of his sometimes noble words, he is going to support the most radical pro-abortion legislation that he sees.

It doesn’t matter that Senator Casey claims to be pro-life; he isn’t. It doesn’t matter that Senator Casey will tell you that he is a devout Catholic; he is lying about that, too.

Mary McCarthy famously said of her literary rival, Lillian Hellman, “Every word she writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.” The same statement would seem to apply to Senator Bob Casey.
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  1. This was the bill that state Senator Wendy Davis (D-TX) famously filibustered, initially winning, but losing when Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) called a special session to reconsider it. Senator Davis, whose term expires after this year, won the Democratic nomination for Governor, but will almost certainly lose the general election, and be out of office.
  2. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) actually voted against the bill, but he votes against his party on many bills, not because he disagrees with the legislation, but as a parliamentary maneuver which allows him to change his vote and bring the bill back to the floor for reconsideration.

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