Sometimes, Governors have to recognize their responsibilities to their constituents

The Delaware Liberals are aghast!

Markell to Children: Drop Dead
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Don’t look for gimlet-eyed Jack Markell to lift a finger to assist in the humanitarian crisis at the nation’s borders.  Delaware Gov. Markell turned down a request from The US Department of Health & Social Services to even consider making any state resources available to stem the humanitarian crisis. He blames congressional ‘dithering’. As if the kids placed in the middle of this crisis can do anything to overcome congressional dithering.

From today’s News-Journal story:

Markell, who is among a number of the nation’s governors who fielded federal requests for help, said there are no state facilities available that could properly accommodate the children while they await immigration hearings. But he said some Delaware faith-based organizations might be in a position to offer assistance.

“I don’t really see the possibility of any state facilities housing these kids,” Markell said Monday. “I don’t think that exists. If private organizations choose to do so, that’ll be up to them.”

Markell said he would “expect to be notified” if the federal government sends any children to Delaware.

Gotcha. Faith-based networks already pushed beyond the breaking point due to rips in the social safety net should see if there’s any room in their respective basements, but Markell is not going to even look into the possibility of assisting.

“This is a huge issue,” Markell said. “We need to make sure we’re treating these kids humanely.”

By ‘we’, he makes clear that he doesn’t mean Delaware. The Delaware ‘we’ is not going to do anything to help. So says our leader.

A bit more at the original. And now from Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom:

“Iowa Governor: I Do Not Want To House Immigrant Children In My State”

Another nativist and white supremacist who hates brown people.  Hopefully the good people of Iowa will throw this bigot out of office come next election.  And maybe even replace him with a child from, say, Guatemala.  As a show of cosmopolitanism!

Failure you to do so, let me remind you, will brand you Iowans as backwood corn-fed country hicks.  And that’s a helluva lot worse than having to wait extra time for emergency services, or see your schools overrun and your state’s resources sucked up.

Because of the stigma.

Don’t be one of those people.  Tsk tsk tsk.

Governor Markell of Delaware is a Democrat; Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa is a Republican. What do they have in common? They are responsible for managing state spending, and neither one wants to overburden the taxpayers of his state with the extra bills for housing and feeding and caring for the illegal immigrants.

Of course, the Delaware Libs think nothing at all about increasing taxes, though, remarkably enough, they seem to think that they can just increase taxes on wicked old corporations, without increasing taxes on people. The fact that corporations don’t really pay taxes at all, but simply pass on taxes that they collect from their customers, an Economics 101 level concept, is still beyond anything that they understand.

Of course, we’ve said it before: if liberals really understood economics, they wouldn’t be liberals!

Are Governors Markell and Branstad cruel and heartless bastards, who don’t give a hoot about poor, hungry immigrant children? I don’t know, and really, I don’t even care. Mr Goldstein was writing in his usual mode, thoroughly sarcastically, but the Delaware Libs were being perfectly straightforward: they think that their state should do something to help those poor, poor kids, without the slightest regard for Delaware’s poor, poor taxpayers. Well, it’s easy to have all sorts of sympathy for those kids, when you don’t have any actual responsibilities to anyone but yourself and your family, but those two governors, Democrat and Republican alike, do have responsibilities, responsibilities to the taxpayers of their states, and it seems that they are taking those responsibilities seriously.

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