Hector Garza Is About To Take A Trip

Border Patrol Agent – Obama admin. aiding abetting facilitating the smuggling of illegals


  1. Obama admin. aiding abetting facilitating the smuggling of illegals

    In other news: water’s wet, bugs bite, it’s dark at night, grass grows, the wind blows, and rivers flow into the sea.

    The Obama administration is behind the unprecedented flood of illegal aliens, mostly unaccompanied children suddenly appearing on our Southern border. Moreover, his administration has subverted the agencies of the federal government to actively aid and abet the criminal invasion they’re responsible for orchestrating. Obama and his minions conceived it, planned it, and now they’re ramming it home, and using the tax dollars of a near universally disapproving populace to pay for it during the celebration of our so-called Independence no less.

    But, what else would Americans expect from the treacherous two-faced bastard? Right from the start this pretender has ignored his sworn duty, ignored the US Constitution he pledged to protect, and set about conducting a series of criminal enterprises in direct violation of the law.

    Obama sold guns to Mexican drug cartels, he mollycoddled terrorists at every turn, he abandoned Americans fighting for their lives in Benghazi to be murdered by Islamic terrorists, he lied to the parents as the bodies of their brave sons were brought home, and now he’s flooding our nation with a hoard of children, all of them needy and many of them seriously diseased. All this and much much more.

    That’s what our President thinks of America, that’s how he celebrates the nation’s Independence. Tar and feathers aren’t near enough to demonstrate the depths of my contempt for Barack Obama, may he rot in an everlasting hell.

  2. Meanwhile, the Campaigner in Chief will be in Texas for his usual Political Campaign trip and will refuse to visit the Border to see the mess he’s made:

    Obama Won’t Visit Southern U.S. Border While in Texas, but Here’s What He Will Be Doing FUNDRAISING
    Jul. 2, 2014 2:12pm Pete Kasperowicz

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday that President Barack Obama will not be visiting the southern U.S. border anytime soon, even though he will be in Texas next week for a fundraiser.

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has invited Obama a few times to visit the border to assess the immigration crisis that has evolved as tens of thousands of unaccompanied children have crossed into the United States. But Earnest said Obama at this point has not accepted.

    Read more about wasting our time here:

  3. York, requested I tell us how you really feel about this.

    I’d like to say what I really think, York, but I fear that it might eventually result in a knock on my door in the dark of night, or an IRS audit, or trumped up charges, or worse. There’s very little this gang of energetic criminals and aggressive usurpers wouldn’t do to suppress dissent or to punish outspoken critics. I’m as clear and as direct as I dare because I’m such small potatoes that I’m way down on their target list.

    You, OTOH, better watch your step.

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  5. This will get worse. In Murrieta, the FEDS are coming to chase away the town folk protesting the dumping. La Raza is coming to cause Mayhem. I don’t see anyone being happy with any of these events especially since La Raza is waving the Mexican Flag.

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