And They THINK They are Worth $15/hr.

I went to to the Mickey D’s Drive thru tonight. It did not go well:

I called and screamed at the Manager (of what I have no clue) Then I wrote to Corporate and here’s my encounter. It is basically what is a Chicken, and what is a Cow.

I went to the Drive thru. The sign showed a Savory Chicken and it was Pictured as a SANDWICH. So, when I was asked for my order, I read the sign. The answer back was that is a Wrap. I said NO, it shows a Sandwich on the Picture, then I was told it was a wrap, and AGAIN I read to this person what the SIGN Said and it pictured a Sandwich. I was asked what number it was, IT HAD NO NUMBER, so I read the description. I was asked to pull around to explain. Again I said what was on YOUR SIGN. I wanted Chicken. I was given three choices then and I said the grilled chicken bacon sandwich. Again I was asked if it was Chicken. I was so damn frustrated I said Oyster then paid. I got home, I had A BOX THAT SAID GRILLED CHICKEN. I opened it and found a BACON CHEESEBURGER. I said CHICKEN FIVE OR SIX TIMES. I’m Livid. I chose the DRIVE THRU SINCE I HAVE ONE LEG.

BTW, The Mangler knows I’m super pissed off, but I don’t need fries now.


  1. And that my friend is precisely why very shortly you will be ordering off a touch screen both at the drive thru and at the counter. It’s not even a matter of $15.00 an hour. It’s a matter of how the public education in this country has achieved its goal; create persons who cannot take care of themselves and make them wards of the state. It’s sad really because an unintended consequence will be the elimination of the very jobs young people need to enter the work force. You remember, those crappy jobs we all did as kids that taught us to report to work on schedule, do your job well, be honest and serve the customer well.

  2. Years ago when I was part owner of a photo processing store, a lady came in and wasn’t happy with the outcome of the picture quality. And I agreed they were not processed well and I would do them over. The woman was already to go into a rant about the quality, but I said again I would redo them. She still wanted to do battle and could not comprehend that I agreed with her and would redo them. By the time it sunk in, she was all disappointed I would not do battle, but fix the problem without an argument.

  3. Back in the mid-1990s, I was running a portable plant at Portsmouth Naval Hospital, when President Clinton was proposing a minimum wage increase. At first I thought that yeah, it had been a long time since there had been an increase, so maybe one was a good idea. Then, after the Bojangle’s Fried Chicken outside the gate fornicated up our lunch order for the fifth day in a row, I changed my mind, and said it out to be dropped to $1.75 an hour!

    Some people will tell you that workers will work harder and better if you pay them more — supposedly, that’s an economic argument, and one which would probably persuade Paul Krugman — but in my experience, people work as hard as they want to work, as they are accustomed to working, no less and no more, and pay really doesn’t have much to do with it.

  4. My complaint to Mickey D Central got noticed. I got a call from the Owner of the local MD’s that had a hard time knowing the difference between a Cow and a Chicken. I told him the same story that I had to explain 5 or 6 times I wanted a C word sandwich which happen to be a chicken. I told him I told two different people “Chicken”. I told him that the 6th time I lost my cool and said Oyster. Then I thought I would up with a Cow Burger in retaliation. I told him this crew is not worth the $15/hr they are fighting for if all I have to do is say a number. I’m being sent two free meals, but it doesn’t solve a damn thing since it won’t probably have a nuber on it. He did say if the Cow Burgers were retaliation, he would fire their asses. And tomorrow is the first day of winter. Frankly, the two free meals ain’t worth shit.

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