And They THINK They are Worth $15/hr.

I went to to the Mickey D’s Drive thru tonight. It did not go well:

I called and screamed at the Manager (of what I have no clue) Then I wrote to Corporate and here’s my encounter. It is basically what is a Chicken, and what is a Cow.

I went to the Drive thru. The sign showed a Savory Chicken and it was Pictured as a SANDWICH. So, when I was asked for my order, I read the sign. The answer back was that is a Wrap. I said NO, it shows a Sandwich on the Picture, then I was told it was a wrap, and AGAIN I read to this person what the SIGN Said and it pictured a Sandwich. I was asked what number it was, IT HAD NO NUMBER, so I read the description. I was asked to pull around to explain. Again I said what was on YOUR SIGN. I wanted Chicken. I was given three choices then and I said the grilled chicken bacon sandwich. Again I was asked if it was Chicken. I was so damn frustrated I said Oyster then paid. I got home, I had A BOX THAT SAID GRILLED CHICKEN. I opened it and found a BACON CHEESEBURGER. I said CHICKEN FIVE OR SIX TIMES. I’m Livid. I chose the DRIVE THRU SINCE I HAVE ONE LEG.

BTW, The Mangler knows I’m super pissed off, but I don’t need fries now.

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