The answer is obvious


From The Jerusalem Post:

Prisoners may be anesthetized before force-feeding
Changes added to bill to make it safer for prisoners, but doctors still refuse to uphold it.
By LAHAV HARKOV | 06/18/2014 15:26

Prisoners who go on hunger strike may be anesthetized before being force-fed, if a bill on the issue passes its final vote Monday.

The Knesset Interior Committee prepared the legislation for its second and third (final) readings Wednesday, adding significant changes for the prisoners’ comfort and safety. For example only a doctor can administer the IV or gastronomy tube, and the procedure may only take place in a hospital.

Still, the Israel Medical Association instructed doctors not to uphold the law if it passes.

As such, many in the Knesset see the bill as impossible to implement and a form of posturing toward prisoners in an attempt to get them to stop their hunger strike.

The committee reached an article in the bill saying that a doctor should try as much as possible to get the prisoner to agree to be force-fed by explaining to him the adverse effects of his hunger strike on his health and detailing the force-feeding procedure. If the prisoner still does not acquiesce, the doctor can use reasonable force to coerce him into the treatment and must try to do so without causing pain and suffering.

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OK, let me be blunt here:

  1. if the Palestinian prisoners starve themselves to death, the Palestinians will be outraged; and
  2. if the government force-feeds the prisoners, the Palestinians will also be outraged; but
  3. if the Palestinian prisoners do starve themselves to death, at least they won’t be problems any longer.

The answer is obvious: if the prisoners want to hunger strike themselves to incapacity or death, let them! Why interfere?

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