Shocking, I know

Patterico was surprised to see that even The Los Angeles Times has reported that Obamacare subsidies push cost of health law above projections.  Why, it’s almost as though the Democrats either:

  1. Didn’t have the foggiest notion of what they were foisting upon the country; or
  2. The Democrats were deliberately lying through their scummy teeth.

Good thing we passed it, so that we could find out what’s in it!


  1. As the Obama régime collapses all around us, from the IRS/NSA/VA revelations to the premeditated and predictable loss of the Middle East, to the soaring prices of food, energy and other consumer goods, to the high and unrelenting unemployment we can opine about the America we once had before we had political correctness. Before we had leftist ideologues declaring that millions of illegal aliens constituted “diversity”. Before the same leftists were willing to throw the entire economy of the US into the trash over the non-science of glo-ball warming we had a great nation. We thrived and could accomplish anything we set our sites on. Now that’s to Obama and his minions, we are a second class power, a second class economy and we can look forward to second class health care.

    The “fundamental transformation” is almost complete. All he and his brown shirts need is to infuse America with 15 or 20 million undocumented Democrats and we will cease to have a two party system. But that’s what the Obama’s and Reid’s and Perry’s wanted all along, a dictatorship. Then He can put down his pen and phone. His followers will pick up their guns and knives and all will be well.

    I want you all to remember that no matter what an individual soldier thinks he will follow his orders even if that means shooting his neighbors. It’s been repeated over and over in history. So as long as leftists control the military none of our lives are worth a plug nickel if we try to resist.

  2. BTW, my wife was in Philly with her Korean girl friends. They had sushi. She, and only she, had an allergic reaction-her face swelled up, throat closed, couldn’t swallow. The Korean friend called her center city doctor and was told no appointments till July 6. Seems they’re “overwhelmed” with Obamacare people. Doctor told her to go to the emergency room. Her friend then called me. I called the doctor back and told her we have Aetna private care. She was seen 10 minutes later ( the minute she entered the office ) and given prednisone and a prescription for an epi-pen. It cost me all of $30.

    Thanks Obama, guys like me get to cut the line.

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