According to Wendy Davis, we wicked Republicans sure don’t like anybody but us white folks!

From Liberty Unyielding:

Wendy Davis: Republicans dislike ‘people who don’t look like them’
By LU Staff on June 10, 2014 at 10:04 am

State Senator Wendy Davis (D-TX), a cute blonde white woman who thinks that Republicans don’t like anybody but white people, and is combitching that Republicans aren’t supporting her.

Shades of Obama’s “bitter clinger” remark: From the Daily Caller:

Wendy Davis, the Texas Democratic candidate for governor, says Republicans dislike “people who don’t look like them or come from where they come from.”

Like Obama, Davis’s remark was made “off-mic,” except that — as with Obama — it wasn’t. In Davis’s case, an audience member at her Human Rights Campaign PAC fundraiser in Austin captured the comments on a cell phone. They surfaced on YouTube over the weekend.

In the video capture, which appears below, Davis can be heard opining:

You need look no further than what happened in Arizona with their anti-immigration bill and the withdrawal of tourism and the impact to their economy as a consequence of what ideological thinkers did to that state.

And the same is true with the conversations that are going on in the … Republican convention right now. They’re talking about whether they should soften their language on immigration, but we all know where they are because they’ve been talking about it on the airwaves for the last couple of months.

And we know what they really believe and think about people who don’t look like them or come from where they come from. [Emphasis added]

Read more here And here’s the video:

But think about what state Senator Davis, the Democratic nominee for Governor in Texas, is complaining about. She is whining that Republicans, who support people like Senators Tim Scott of South Carolina (a black man) and Ted Cruz of Texas (an Hispanic man) and Marco Rubio of Florida (an Hispanic man), and Governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana (an Indian man) and Nikki Haley of South Carolina (an Indian woman) and congressional candidate Mia Love of Utah (a black woman), don’t like her, a cute blonde white woman very much, and are supporting a wheelchair-bound white male instead.

Senator Davis, that cute little blonde white woman, came to prominence with an eleven-hour filibuster against a bill in Texas to strengthen abortion laws. Gosh, since a higher percentage of pregnancies among black women and Hispanic women end in abortion than those among non-Hispanic white women,1 you’d think that, if Republicans really did hate everybody but whites, they’d support liberal abortion laws, since such actually hold down the black population to a smaller number.

Senator Davis’ real complaint? She’s behind Republican nominee Greg Abbott by a large margin, about 12 percentage points when this article was written,2 and a Public Policy Polling survey in April even had Mrs Davis trailing Mr Abbott among women voters. Perhaps, just perhaps, Texas voters and other Republicans are looking at the candidates’ positions rather than their sex or the color of their skins.

  1. Non-Hispanic white women account for 36% of abortions, non-Hispanic black women for 30%, Hispanic women for 25% and women of other races for 9%. However, because non-Hispanic white women are a much larger percentage of the total female population, and the abortion rate for black women winds up being five times that for white women. I will point out here that both links are to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute.
  2. The numbers on the linked source may change over time.

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