The new water heater

The new electric hot water heater is now installed, plumbed, and the electricity has been hooked up. The control panel says that it’s working, which means that I must have gotten the electric right, and the tank filled, without leaking, so I guess I did the plumbing right, too! Now we’ll see if it works.

We were using the boiler — the same one which provides steam for the radiators, and which burns heating oil — for hot water, and that’s killer expensive. I set the plumbing so that I can still get hot water from the boiler if the water heater fails.

We actually bought the water heater at Lowe’s a couple of weeks ago. We weren’t intending to get it then, but were there to pick up something else, and I went back with Elaine to discuss which model we wanted. We picked the 80 gallon model, which was $597; the 50 gallon model wasn’t that much cheaper, at $547. Then, I noticed, in the aisle, was the same model we had selected, but the box was open. I flagged down the plumbing human, and asked why that one was down, with the box opened. It seems that someone had purchased it, and then couldn’t get it into their basement. “Well, how much of a discount do I get if I buy that one?” I asked.

“I can give you 10% off,” he replied.

“And can we get our military discount off of that as well?”

“Yes, you can.”

So, the 10% off for the box being opened brought the price down to $537.30. Then, because PFC Pico was with us and had her military ID, we got 10% off of that as well, bringing the price down to $483.60. :) The 6% sales tax bought that up to $512.62, but if I had had to pay the 6% on the full price of $597, that would have been $35.82 in sales tax, rather than the $29.02 we paid, so I saved $6.80 in sales tax as well. :)

I do like a bargain!

Of course, I had to buy some plumbing and electrical parts, but if I had had it installed professionally, I’d have wound up with those expenses as well as labor. PFC Pico was with me for that as well, and her military discount saved about $7. Copper is outrageously expensive right now, and a 25 ft roll of 10/3 Romex was $37 all by itself, and a Square D 30 amp beaker about $17. :(

PFC Pico just informed me that the water in the bathroom basin is now lukewarm, so I guess that everything is working. I even painted the basement walls around the water heater white, because our grey rubble-stone foundation makes the basement as dark as a cave, so now I can see things in that area better.

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