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First up is Mike’s America, writing on Political Realities, noting that the Democrats have attacked Dr. Monica Wehby, who won the Oregon GOP primary for the U.S. Senate. Democrats leaked smear stories that Wehby was an unstable stalker who terrorized her former male romantic partners, but, as The Wall Street Journal pointed out, the men “involved” all deny anything of any consequence happened, and all support her candidacy. Can you imagine, Mike asked, the hell that would break out if a Republican said this about a female Democrat?

Hube spotted a Miami New Times article which says that global warming climate change is responsible for an increase in marital infidelity. I guess that, since George Bush is responsible for global warming climate change, couples cheating can be blamed on him, too!

On Truth Before Dishonor, DNW writes about emotions as knowledge. And John Hitchcock gives us a quote from Will Rodgers Rogers.

Jennifer Davis of the Victory Girls tells us that it’s not just about white privilege, but lesbian privilege as well!

Karen, the Lonely Conservative, wrote about the release of SGT Bowe Bergdahl, who had been held prisoner by the Taliban for five years. SGT Bergdahl was released after the United States negotiated, indirectly, with the Taliban, and agreed to release five Taliban prisoners:

His release was secured after the Obama administration, working through Qatari government intermediaries, agreed to free five high-profile Afghan inmates held by the U.S. military in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The influential commanders, including the former head of the Taliban’s army, were loaded onto a U.S. military aircraft bound for Qatar after U.S. officials got confirmation that Bergdahl had been freed.

Your Editor hopes that we were smart enough to have inserted GPS tracking chips, explosive GPS tracking chips, if such exist, into the released terrorists first, but doubts that the Commander-in-Chief would have been smart enough to do something like that.

Donald Douglas also writes about the subject, here and here; some of it is pretty unflattering concerning SGT Bergdahl and his father.

Sister Toldjah tells us about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is combitching1 that evil Republicans are politicizing the deaths of four Americans at Benghazi, under her watch, though if Mrs Clinton runs for President, as is widely expected,2 her tenure as Secretary of State will be part of the résumé she will tout, and her successes — there were none — and her failures — only a couple, but pretty blatant — are fair game.

On The Other McCain, Wombat-socho wrote about the resignation of Eric Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs, mockingly claiming in the title that this changes everything, while knowing that it really changes nothing. The problem isn’t corrupt VA administrators fudging numbers in order to qualify for bonuses3 — though that is part of it — but that, as a single-payer system, the VA was simply doing what every other single-payer system in developed countries does, to cut costs.

On Protein Wisdom, Jeff Goldstein points out the actions the Obama Administration is taking to try to manage where people live. You could see it coming in Michelle Obama’s complaint about the resegregation of public schools, caused not by segregation laws or districts manipulated to keep blacks out of “white” schools, but because of significantly segregated living patterns: for some strange reason, people just aren’t choosing to live next to the people the government believes they should. Thus far, even President Obama hasn’t thought that he could simply assign people’s living quarters, but if he could, I’m sure he would.

Alinsky argued that in order to destroy the middle class, you must first set yourself up as its champions. This has been the playbook of the Democrats for years. But the thing is, yesterday’s Democrats are today’s New Leftists. They care not a whit about the little people except inasmuch as they can get them reliant on government and so wrangle them in as a permanent voting bloc.

It won’t be long now before the real social inequality becomes evident: rich government cronies in private industry and the ruling class politicians will be the haves; the rest of us will be the have nots, or at least the should nots. Determining where we live, the size of our houses, the number of cars we have and the gas mileage they must attain, the nature of our healthcare (and its offshoots, the nature of our dietary and leisure habits) — all of this is part and parcel of the progressive social engineering program to realign society back to its “rightful” organizing principles, namely, not some phony appeal to natural rights, but man ruling over man.

More at Mr Goldstein’s original.

From The Pirate’s Cove:

Bummer: Fast Food Place Robbed Same Day It Went Sorta Gun Free
By William Teach >May 31, 2014 – 8:39 am

Serendipity* is a stone cold mother, isn’t it?

(Daily Caller) On the same day that Sonic, an Oklahoma City-based fast food chain, issued a statement against customers carrying guns at their restaurants, an employee at the company’s Topeka, Kan. store was robbed.

According to Topeka police, two males robbed a carhop on Friday afternoon, reports the Topeka Capitol-Journal. Sonic is unique among major fast food eateries in that it provides customers the option of having carhops bring orders to their vehicle.

While police said no guns were displayed by the robbers, the crime follows a new policy that the Oklahoma City-based company issued Friday.

“We’ve considered the views and desires of our customers and employees that staff the drive-ins across the country,” the company said, according to USA Today. “Accordingly, we’re asking that customers refrain from bringing guns onto our patios or into our indoor dining areas. With respect to the storage of guns in vehicles, we ask that our customers continue to honor local laws.”

You know why places like doughnut shops are rarely robbed? Lots of armed law enforcement. Gun shops are almost never robbed during open operating hours. Why are shootings, including mass shootings, more likely likely in gun free zones?

More at the original.

It is, of course, a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy to think that it was Sonic’s policy which led to that particular robbery, and Mr Teach makes no such assertion. But Mr Teach does engage in some schadenfreude with this one . . . and so do I.

Mr Teach also noted that the “warmists” are considering a change of vocabulary, away from “climate change,” and back to “global warming,” because people apparently see the older term as more threatening.

On Le*gal In*sur*rec*tion, William Jacobson asks if “half-white” privilege is like being “half-pregnant.”

That’s it for this week!

  1. The word ‘combitching’ is a standard Picoism, which will doubtlessly be attacked as being highly, highly! sexist if ever used to refer to a woman (I use it regardless of the person’s sex) complaining about something, so I’ll save the left the trouble, and denounce myself in advance for them.
  2. Your Editor has said previously that he does not expect Mrs Clinton to be a candidate, a minority position, because, even though I believe she would like to run, her age and health will be problems which will stop her.
  3. An obvious question is: why would any federal government employees ever qualify for bonuses? Federal government employees are already better compensated than most Americans, with far better fringe benefits, and if they don’t think that they are paid enough with their salaries, they have the option of looking for work in the private sector.

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