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Following North Carolina House House Speaker Thom Tillis’ victory in the Republican senatorial primary, Sister Toldjah noted incumbent Senator Kay Hagan’s decision to go for broke and “fully embrace” Obaminablecare. Most polls show that the wholly misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is unpopular, but, as I have said previously, the only polls which actually count are the ones held on election day, and this helps to set up the North Carolina senate race as a referendum on that terrible law.

Meanwhile, Patterico noted that the Carolina Democrats are already claiming that Mr Tillis, the most moderate of the candidates in the primary, is far too conservative for Carolina voters.1 Donald Douglas of American Power also wrote on the subject.

Jeff Goldstein wrote about then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s decision not to list the Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram as a terrorist organization. That decision certainly didn’t make much news at the time, but the group seizing a couple hundred Nigerian girls and selling them as wives kind of puts a spotlight on it. Isn’t it odd that the supposed frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination has fouled up everything she has put her hands on?

William Jacobson of Le*gal In*sur*rec*tion wrote about the (supposedly) defunct JournoLists (once again) carrying water for the Obama Administration. I would have thought that, at some point, even liberals would have wanted President Obama to get something, anything! right, but apparently that point hasn’t been reached.

L D Jackson laughs about President Obama’s statement that Americans need to trust their government more. This is a government with away-too-powerful Infernal Revenue Service being used to attack political opponents — something which was one of the House Judiciary Committee’s Articles of Impeachment against President Nixon — and a National Security Agency, which is supposed to provide intelligence on foreign threats, spying on almost everybody, yet the nincompoop in the White House says we need to trust the government more?

On the Colossus of Rhodey, Hube mocked Florida public school teacher Swornia Thomas, who prohibited a 12-year-old student from reading the Bible during a designated free reading period. The school principal backed up the teacher, and neither of them were aware of federal Department of Education regulations which state that yes, students certainly may read the Bible, or any other religious books, during such times. Of course, had the student been reading a Quran, the teacher probably wouldn’t have bothered him in the slightest.

Patterico blogged on a subject I’ve note on this site many times before, how commercial banks create money. That’s (probably) a subject on which not too many people are really interested, but it is one of the bases of modern economics, and really should be better understood.


And the story? Francis Wilkinson of Bloomberg called Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) an Affirmative Action senator. He won election to the House of Representatives, in a heavily Republican district, after having won the Republican primary runoff against Paul Thurmond, son of the late senator, by a two-to-one margin. The voters chose him. After Senator Jim DeMint resigned, Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) appointed Mr Scott to serve in the seat held by Mr DeMint; Governor Haley herself is a member of a racial minority, an American of Indian descent — India Indian, not a North American Indian — who also won her seat by the majority vote of the people of South Carolina.

That’s the part that Mr Wilkinson doesn’t understand: Republicans who oppose Affirmative Action have no problem at all voting for candidates who are not of European ancestry, but believe that everyone should compete equally, without special help. And the results of Affirmative Action are pretty clear: the left see any person who is part of a racial minority who has achieved anything of significance as having done so not on merit, but because he had some special help.

From Karen, the Lonely Conservative:

HGTV Nixes Show Over Host’s Beliefs
by Lonely Conservative • May 9, 2014 • 3 Comments

Home and Garden Television (HGTV) canceled plans for a new show called “Flip it Forward” because one of the hosts of the show has publicly expressed his Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin. David Benham, who would have co-hosted the show with his twin brother Jason, is also pro-life, something else that is no longer tolerated in this brave new world of ours.

Even worse, the brothers used to flip houses for profit. The new show was going to be about them finding “fixer-uppers” for low income families and turning the houses into “forever homes.” So I guess HGTV is against helping the poor, or at least they have no problem sacrificing the poor to avoid the wrath of the evil leftists who have taken over our country.

More at the link. As it happens, your Editor watches HGTV a lot, and there are several shows in which the hosts are flipping houses for profit, Flip or Flop primary among them, and with one of the hosts frequently discussing his concerns over whether they are going to make money on a featured flip, and with the profit realized noted at the end of the show.

And while I haven’t gone through and counted, I have noticed that on shows like House Hunters, House Hunters International and Property Brothers, where couples (usually) are searching for homes, homosexual couples have been featured in a significantly greater percentage of the shows than the percentage of homosexuals in the population. It’s almost as though HGTV was promoting homosexuality as simply a normal living arrangement.

William Teach wrote about The Wall Street Journal’s take on yet another global warming climate change assessment by the Obama Administration:2

But the fine print that few will ever read acknowledges the real uncertainties of something as complex as the planet’s atmosphere. “There has been no universal trend in the overall extent of drought across the continental U.S. since 1900,” the authors observe. We also learn that “trends in severe storms, including the intensity and frequency of tornadoes, hail, and damaging thunderstorm winds, are uncertain and are being studied intensively.” And so on.

The National Climate Assessment matters because it serves as the underlying justification for carbon-related regulations. Introducing bias into this primary source (though it does not make new analytic contributions) will distort the rule-making process across the government for years to come.

The report reveals less about climate than it does about the method of the President who described the night he won the Democratic nomination as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” The White House is telling all and sundry that Mr. Obama wants to fill out his last two and a half years in office with action on climate change, but the report shows he doesn’t want an open or honest debate.

There’s more at the Journal original, but I think that Mr Teach nailed it with his conclusion:

There’s nothing wrong with many adaption schemes, nor alternative energy, regardless of your belief it is anthropogenic or not. What we do not need to do is piss away money in a political manner which accomplishes little, while destroying the economy. Not too mention the massive increase in fascistic, controlling Big Government.

Exactly right. Conservation of our natural resources and cleaning up the environment is a good in itself: it’s economically wise and good for our health. But trying to clean things up should not mean impoverishing ourselves: we can work on better, renewable energy sources without prematurely destroying our current electricity generation, without wasting working families’ hard earned dollars, without making everything cost more, for no gain in real wealth. And I’d say that the Obama Administration is horribly conflicted on this: they say that working Americans deserve a raise, but then they want to turn around and take all of that increased pay3 to spend on higher electricity and fuel bills.

Of course, we really don’t need to worry at all, because, as Robert Stacey Stacy McCain told us , the radical feminists have determined that we’ll all be dead in a short sixteen years!

What this guy, Guy, says, or rather what he demonstrates with the support of hundreds of long term scientific evidence from many sources including very conservative and mainstream sources, is that all life on this planet will come to extinction by 2030. The major cause of this extinction will be that the global warming and melting of the ice has triggered a series of feedback loops of toxic gas emissions such as methane and carbon dioxyde which were trapped in the soils and underwaters of the earth by the ice and frost. These feedback loops have already started, are now unstoppable and life on earth is already on its way to extinction. No technology can stop this – especially since male technology is part of the problem and their use and fabrication will only emit more greenhouse gases. Even if men’s system collapsed now, if all men died and we returned back to stone age, it is unstoppable. Unprecedented levels of methane and carbone dioxyde have already been released into the atmosphere because of the warming and the more gas is emitted, the more the planet heats because of the greenhouse effects of the gas, and the more gas is emitted again. Once the air is too intoxicated plants will start dying too and if all or most plants die together, all the carbon dioxyde they sequestered will be released too, which only further intoxicates the air. There will simply be no more oxygen to breathe and the time it will take for the earth to regain cool temperatures and for the gases to be sequestered again, if that ever happens, which might be between 100 or thousands of years according to the extent of the damage, all species and life will have been already gone.

Emphasis mine, as I’m sure you guessed. :) The esteemed Mr McCain has rather a lot of fun with “Witchwind,” who has determine that all heterosexual intercourse is rape, and is telling us that this is National Offend A Feminist Week. Your Editor believes in feminism to the point that everyone ought to have equal opportunity to try and compete, and that men and women ought to be paid the same for the same jobs. Oddly enough, that is the same view that he holds concerning Affirmative Action, about race, and pretty much about everything: everyone has aright to try, and everyone ought to be playing by the same rules.

On Truth Before Dishonor, DNW asks if modern liberals are fit to be free. Your Editor wonders if it’s the right question, given that so much of American liberalism is devoted to policies which restrict freedom; it’s less a question of whether liberals are fit to be free than the fact that they don’t like freedom. They are busy trying to create a society in which they are enslaving themselves to the government, saying that it’s all for our own good, and that those who don’t agree, well, they have to be enslaved, too.

And I’ll wrap it up with Kelley Kruse’ article on The Victory Girls, noting the anniversary of VE Day. Mrs Kruse asked:

The Allies stood up to Hitler and his mighty war machine, the Third Reich. Could we do that now? Could we make the sacrifices that our grandparents and great-grandparents once did, in order to defeat a terrible force intent on reshaping the world in its own image?

In a word, no.

We defeated Germany, and Japan, by killing millions of their soldiers, and by bombing their homelands mercilessly, destroying their productivity and killing a couple of million of their civilians, the elderly, the able, and children alike. We created firestorms which burned tens of thousands of people to death, and defeated them by killing and bombing and burning until they were unable to continue to fight any longer.

Today? A seven-year-old boy gets killed while we are taking out a terrorist leader, and, oh my Lord, we’ve committed a grievous sin! With today’s mentality, we couldn’t have defeated the Germans, because we couldn’t have bombed their factories, because innocent civilians would be harmed.

That’s it for this week!

  1. As anyone who lived in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia can tell you, the state is referred to simply as Carolina, not North Carolina. :)
  2. Your Editor is automatically skeptical of any site calling itself ““.
  3. Not that there will be any increased pay in real terms, and there will probably be fewer jobs to boot.

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