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The Wall Street Journal noted that raising taxes on the most productive citizens has become an article of faith in Illinois. But less than two weeks ago, the Journal also pointed out that Illinois is faring far worse economically than it’s comparable midwestern neighbors. Hmmm, I wonder: could the high tax policies in Illinois have anything to do with the state doing worse than its neighbors?

that, under President Obama, our foreign policy has been reduced to twitter juvenility.

General Electric’s statement that Obaminablecare is hurting it’s health care equipment sales.

Donald Douglas was sort of amused by the statements of 81-year-old Donald Sterling that he didn’t want his twenty-something trophy girlfriend bringing an black guests to Los Angeles Clippers games. His girlfriend is part black herself, and, as owner of the Clippers, Mr Sterling pays million of dollars to a lot of black employees. (Real Clear Sports named him one of the ten worst professional sports team owners.) Dr Douglas pointed out that Mr Sterling has long supported Democratic politicians and causes.

L D Jackson noted that, once again, President Obama has delayed a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, probably until after the November elections. There’s really no excuse for this: this issue has been studied for years and years, and all of the information needed for the President to take a decision is already available to him.

Karen, the Lonely Conservative, wrote about the story that , deliberately delaying medical care — but trying to hide the delaying policies, away from computer records — to save money. CNN reported that at least 40 veterans have died, in part due to the delayed appointments.1 I wish that Karen had gone further with her article, because the VA story isn’t really a surprise: we already knew that to save money, denied cancer patients treatment that the NHS thought was too expensive, and even . That’s the kind of thing that happens in a single-payer system, where the government is responsible for paying health care costs: the government has to keep costs under control, and the Phoenix VA wasn’t doing anything that other single-payer systems haven’t done before; the only problem is that they got caught at it. The only question now is: did the administrators at Phoenix do this on their own, or was there knowledge about, and instructions on, this policy from Washington? We’ll be told that it was some rogue administrators in Phoenix, but there will be an immediate clue: if the director and his top staff aren’t fired by President Obama, in the next couple of days, then we’ll know that those people know enough to incriminate people in Washington.  Still think that Sarah Palin was way out in left field when she talked about Obaminablecare “death panels?”

Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom noted that the government will have an interest in telling you what to eat.

Dejah Thoris of the Victory Girls finds liberals unintentionally amusing.

William Jacobson of Le*gal In*sur*rec*tion tells us about the pro-Palestinian group which slid fliers under the dorm room doors of Jewish students at New York University, telling them that they were being evicted.  Despite the protests of the left that they aren’t anti-Semites, but just opposed to Zionism and Israels policies concerning the Palestinians, the NYU group was simply targeting Jewish students, who may or may not have supported Israel’s policies.  And while it is certainly intellectually possible to not be anti-Semitic but still be opposed to Israel’s policies, in my many years of debating with people on this subject, I have yet to find a single person who supported the Palestinians who din’t turn out to be at least subtly anti-Semitic. And Robert Stacey Stacy McCain has more:

Remember When @RaniaKhalek Played ‘Count the Jews at the Nation’?
Posted on | April 26, 2014 | 22 Comments

New York University student Laura Adkins exposed the intimidation tactics of the radical campus group Students for Justice in Palestine and, as you might expect, Adkins has been relentlessly harassed online the past two days by the usual suspects, including self-proclaimed “independent journalist” Rania Khalek.

The fact that SJP is linked to Hamas? The fact that SJP was kicked off campus at Northeastern University? The fact that SJP’s faculty adviser at Northeastern bragged “that anti-Israel activism on campus has made pro-Israel students afraid to speak out”? Khalek can’t be bothered with these facts, which expose the truth that SJP is a terrorist-supporting group that uses brownshirt tactics.

Khalek supports the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement, the goal of which is the elimination of the state of Israel. Last month, a blogger at the Jerusalem Post called attention to Khalek’s peculiar ethnic obsessions:

More at the link.

Patterico discusses the statement by former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) that he’s thinking about running for President.  To me, the greatest reason to want another Bush in the White House is the joy of watching the left go absolutely apoplectic.  Their heads would explode! :) But Mr Bush would not be the candidate for whom I would vote in the primaries.

Hube spotted Dartmouth College’s witless surrender to an accredited victim.

John Hitchcock is back to writing more on Truth Before Dishonor, and he thanks Piers Morgan for encouraging him to join the NRA.

  1. We cannot know how many of those veterans would be alive today had the VA Medical Center provided prompt treatment.

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