The First Street Journal endorses Governor Tom Corbett (R-PA) for re-election

Governor Tom Corbett (R-PA) isn’t exactly the flashiest politician around, which I suppose really, really matters to some people. What matters to the Editor is that Mr Corbett campaigned in 2010 on a promise to balance the Commonwealth’s shaky, very much unbalanced budget, and to do so without raising taxes. Governor Corbett, capably aided by a Republican-controlled General Assembly, kept that promise.

It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t painless; hard choices faced the state government, and tough decisions had to be taken. They were, and this is the result:


Posted by Chris Pack 10pc on April 18, 2014 · 

logo[1]HARRISBURG, PA – The Corbett-Cawley campaign today released the following statement from Governor Tom Corbett following another positive jobs report for Pennsylvania.  According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, the state’s unemployment rate has fallen to 6.0 percent – the lowest level since 2008 and far below the national average of 6.7 percent.

“When I came to Harrisburg, I came here with the promise of less taxes and more jobs, and we are now seeing those jobs reflected in our state’s improving unemployment rate,” stated Governor Tom Corbett.  “I have fought hard to restore fiscal order in our State Capitol, and that is creating the fiscal certainty and stability needed for the creation of good private sector jobs.  I will continue making the tough decisions that the people of Pennsylvania elected me to make, because they didn’t send me to Harrisburg to make friends, they sent me here to make a difference.”

For more information on the Corbett-Cawley campaign of less taxes and more jobs, please visit

The First Street Journal is not impressed with flashiness, and we are not impressed with promises and style; what impresses us is performance, what impresses us is when a leader tells the public and the voters what he is going to do, and then does it. Governor Corbett kept his promises, and should be re-elected.

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  1. And his Dem opponents keep telling us who they want to TAX and suck more money from our pockets. Fast Eddie Rendell tried to make us poorer for the sake of Philadelphia. The present would be successors of Fast Eddie, want to pick up where he left off. And the Dims are using Class Warfare by saying others are getting rich. And Tom Wolf, the alleged business man is among them. And I never heard that Tom Wolf ran a charity lumber yard and high end cabinet business. If someone knows he did run it for charity, and sold at cost or below all the time, please tell me. Ask Wolf if he raised his cabinet prices 10 to 15% how much less business he would do? He may sell them at a higher price, but if the buyer would be a builder/installer will just pass on the price increase. Same way with a tax increase. What Dems can never understand, it is the people who ultimately pay all, and I mean all taxes one way or another.

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