My Own Take on BLM vs. Bundy

I’m sure Bundy doesn’t have much standing on his case of owing grazing fees. However, there is case law were land owned by one party is used by another party for their use, the other party gains rights to the land since the first party deemed to have abandoned it. And it may apply here since the Government’s last action was 10 years ago. But this whole case does not seem to be about that to me. To me it’s another Nail in the Coffin of a Tyrannical Government action disguised as the gummint wanting its money, but it’s, at least to me, about gummint control. In Bundy’s area there were 53 other cattle farmers. All have been bought using grazing money. Bundy is #54 and the last one standing.

Being the last one, and the gummint wanting clear ownership unencumbered by pesky cattle farmers, the BLM went to extremes to take possession. As it stands now, the Feds own around 90% of Nevada. So one wonders why they have to take repossession of this .000001% (made up to show its meaningless to the whole) of land.

Then there is the father and son Reids with their hand in the cookie jar. (I have read the Chinese solar deal may already be dead.) And remember the new head of BLM has ties to Hairy Reed.

So, as with everything with this Maladministration and Dirty Hairy and Son, what is really going on? As it stands with me, if a Progressive is involved, someone other than a Progressive is going to be screwed. Not a little, but a lot.

The current odds on the second raid with tanks and air assault is just after the 2014 elections. Waco and Ruby Ridge just wasn’t enough.

BTW, Utah’s Governor told BLM not to ship Bundy’s cows there for sale and slaughter.

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