It's the <i>science!</i>

From William Teach:

We Only Have Two Decades To Stop The Coming Climate Hell
April 14, 2014 – 7:30 am

Whew! I thought there was an actual danger (if you hit the paywall, try searching the article on Google or Yahoo or something. That’s the way I get in)

The world has a two decade window to build an efficient, low carbon society or risk being “locked-in” to a pathway towards dangerous levels of climate change, authors of the latest UN-backed climate change report have warned.

Working group three (WGIII) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will on Sunday release its latest report, calling for a fundamental shift in global investment from fossil fuels to renewable energy and other green technologies, as a means of tackling escalating climate change risks.

Which amuses me to no end, since all these folks working for the IPCC, along with most “climate change” groups, use vast amounts of fossil fuels to get to and from their constant “climate change” meetings, symposiums, speeches, conferences, and demonstrations.

More at the link.

Mr Teach noted that twenty years is more than we were previously given — 15 years by renowned scientist Desmond Tutu, four years by James Hanson five years ago, and until 2017 by yet another highly regarded scientist, Al Gore — but, surprisingly! none of their projections of what would happen in the future have been demonstrated to have occurred as time passed.

It makes perfect sense to conserve and to try to reduce pollution, and it’s a wise idea to try to develop new and renewable energy sources for the future. But the ideas of the climate changers are ideas for the increased impoverishment of people in the developed world, and increased government control over everybody.

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