Economics 101: Would you like fries with that?

I suppose that, technically, a Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies is the same as a BA in History or Economics, but the obvious question is: for what does it prepare a student after college?

Graduate school, I suppose, to become a Mistress of Arts or even a Doctor of Philosophy in Gender Studies, and hope that you can land a tenure-track professorship at some college.

But if I were a human resources director at some corporation, and I received a résumé from someone who claimed a degree in Gender Studies, it would go straight in the trash: who wants to hire a walking discrimination lawsuit, which is exactly what would be the most probable result of hiring a Gender Studies graduate?

The smart HR director would look for students who were smart enough and serious enough to major in something serious, something which would be of reasonable help in a professional career.


  1. And right after I posted this article, I found this, which was retweeted by Robert Stacey Stacy McCain:

    And here’s the story:

    Transgender student files complaint against Christian university for not letting him live in male dorms
    Katherine Timpf, Reporter @kctimpf

    A female-to-male transgender student has filed a discrimination complaint against his Christian university, claiming the school must allow him to live in men’s dormitories regardless of its theological principles.

    George Fox University released a statement on Friday claiming that allowing the student, named Jayce, to live in on-campus male housing would interfere with its efforts “to be a Christ-centered community.”

    “Our residential facilities are single gender because of our theological commitments,” it continues.

    The Oregon college told the student that he could, however, live with other male students off campus or in his own on-campus apartment.

    But the student said this is not good enough.

    In the complaint, filed with the U.S. Department of Education on Thursday, Jayce’s attorney alleges that the college is violating Title IX regulations which require equal treatment of the sexes at schools that receive federal money.

    More at the link. However, the article title, “Transgender student files complaint against Christian university for not letting him live in male dorms,” is incorrect; it should read “Transgender student files complaint against Christian university for not letting her live in male dorms.”

    Clearly, the smart admissions department would not admit a student who is “transgendered.” He¹ is are nothing but walking lawsuits.
    ¹ – The use of the pronoun “he” refers to the generic “transgendered” student, and does not imply that any particular “transgendered” student is either male or female. In English grammar, properly understood, the masculine pronouns subsume the feminine, and are to be used whenever a singular pronoun is needed to refer to an unspecified person, and the sex of that person is in no way implied by the use of proper grammar.

  2. Some students go to college to prepare for a career, and others to get an education. Gender Studies doesn’t qualify on either count. Dullards who don’t belong in college in the first place and get bounced from the Sociology Department and/or can’t make it in Ethnic Studies slide even further downhill right into the welcoming predatory embrace of the sultry biding buffalos in Gender Studies. It’s an annual migration which begins immediately after the mid-terms of Autumn.

  3. When I see stuff like this I can’t believe that our country has devolved culturally, educationally, socially, morally and legally so far just in my life time. Honestly, the inmates are really running the asylum and they are burning it down with the rest of us in it with them.

    And just so the dopey broad in the picture knows: Your degree may be as valid as anyone else’s but it’s NOT as valuable as toilet paper. And as far as Jayce is concerned once it changed its gender to female (or whatever a dickless, balless guy is termed) it no longer can make any claim to any dorm. However, I have little sympathy for George Fox
    University. They compromised their Christian principles by admitting a pervert to begin with so God’s just giving them a dose back. I hope they lose and the court orders them to build a special housing unit for eunuchs.

  4. The possibility exists that the college didn’t know of “Jayce’s” mental problems before she was accepted, and their lawyers are telling the school that they cannot just dismiss her on those grounds once she had been accepted.

  5. and their lawyers are telling the school that they cannot just dismiss her on those grounds once she had been accepted.

    I was not aware by the story that the school was trying to dismiss him, her, it. I thought the school merely stated that he, she, it couldn’t live in a male dorm. Another case of a mentally deranged, psychosexual pervert wanting everything it’s way at all times regardless of others. In a sane world we’d run it out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered. I’ve really had it with this bending over backward crap for every “aggrieved” freak in society.

  6. That photo is a deliberately mocking parody, and not a real person making a claim against others through the medium of “society” right?

    I mean that is not a real gender studies moron, just a pretend one, with a joke sign … right?

  7. That’s no joke, DNW. Just looking at that frump tells the whole story of education in America. She could be Perry’s granddaughter, the endlessly aggrieved perpetual victim. If she were only black she could be a senator.

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