The very obvious question

From the man that Robert Stacey Stacy McCain recently said was in the running to be the Pyrite State’s “most right-wing professor,” Donald Douglas:

Brandeis University Withdraws Honorary Degree for Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A woman with perhaps the world’s most compelling story of escape from radical Islam, now feeling the brunt of the leftist correct thought-enforcers.

From Ed Morrissey, at Hot Air, “Brandeis withdraws honorary degree offer to Ayaan Hirsi Ali“:

Brandeis University originally invited Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree at its spring commencement, and created a storm of controversy on its campus. It has now withdrawn that offer, and may have created a storm of controversy outside of its campus as well. The former Dutch parliamentarian has long spoken out against the excesses of Islam, from her own painful personal experience to the radicalism that fuels terrorism and war. Apparently, Brandeis just figured this out, which raises a number of questions…

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Also at Protein Wisdom, “The totalitarian Left has embraced Islamism, let no one dissent.” (via Memeorandum).

The obvious, but thus far unasked (rhetorical) question: if the speaker in question was a zealous anti-Israeli writer and activist, someone speaking out against Zionism, would Brandeisa Jewish university — have withdrawn the invitation and honorary degree?

Robert Stacey Stacy McCain has a bit more.

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