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Posted on | April 2, 2014 | 57 Comments

Look, it’s not as if there were a shortage of actual news for me to blog about today. For example, my friend Shaun McCutcheon won a landmark Supreme Court decision today, and there’s all kinds of commentary about McCutcheon v. FEC.

Here is a guy from Alabama who has bought me beers whose name is forever destined to be cited as a legal precedent and yet, I feel myself constrained merely to make brief notice of the decision, because the Internet is swarming with douchebags today.

I’m talking about you, Gregory Bernstein of Vanderbilt University.

Do I need some overprivileged college freshman to lecture me about “rape culture”? No, I most certainly do not. I’ll quote your ridiculous Huffington Post sermonette only briefly:

Rape culture is a culture in which we allow responsibility for sexual violence to be shifted from the rapist to the victim. Rape culture is a culture in which our first reaction upon learning about an alleged assault is to doubt victims, to ask what they were wearing, or what they were drinking. Rape culture is a culture in which myths and misconceptions about rape are allowed to be taught as truth.

Two words for you, Greg: Individual responsibility.

Cultures don’t rape people. Rapists rape people. What is objectionable about these endless “rape culture” lectures is that they represent an effort to demonize all men, to create a collective responsibility for crimes committed by individuals. Or, allegedly committed, as the circumstances in some cases are strongly disputed.

More at the link. Mr McCain is correct about one thing: crimes are the individual responsibility of the people who commit them, and Mr Bernstein has fallen into the “feminist” trap of trying to blame the “culture” and men in general for the crimes of a few, and that’s hogwash. However, Mr McCain mockingly quoted another paragraph from Mr Bernstein, on a point in which I think Mr Bernstein was dead on target:

But here, Greg, let me quote you briefly once more:

It’s time for individuals as well as colleges and universities to re-teach what it means to have consent. Consent is active, continuous, and given freely. Consent requires sobriety. Consent can be withdrawn. Consent to one sexual act is not consent to all sexual acts. “No” doesn’t mean “convince me.”

Restraining my urge to offer a sarcastic reply I’m sure I would regret, let me say this: You’re attempting to repeal human nature.

Such is the feminist “rape culture” project in its pure essence. As I’ve said before, the argument boils down to, “Shut up, because rape.”

All men must submit to feminist re-education, so angry lesbians can teach them to be as meek and harmless as geriatric eunuchs.

The short sentence emboldened and highlighted in red is the one which I see as important.

Mr Bernstein’s message might have been mocked by Mr McCain, but, you know what, he’s right on this point. If you get drunk and copulate, there is a more than negligible chance that your “date” will have some real regrets when she sobers up, and those regrets can have some pretty serious legal consequences. If your “date” decides that she was raped, and presses charges, even if you are acquitted, the information that you were charged with rape will remain on the public record forever, and you will be out many thousands of dollars in legal bills.

When Mr Bernstein says, “It’s time for individuals as well as colleges and universities to re-teach what it means to have consent,” he’s right. How many frat parties are there where young ladies and gentlemen get stinking drunk and wind up doing things that they would not do if sober? It’s not just copulation, but pictures, almost always of the girls, taken in various stages of undress or in flagrante dilecto, and posted on the internet, which can have long-lasting implications, or even, as Donald Douglas reported, dying from drunken stupidity. Colleges need to point this out, simply as a matter of due diligence, because the mixture of raging hormones, youthful daredevilry and alcohol does not always lead to happy endings.

Colleges will never be able to completely eliminate alcohol use — even the Naval Academy failed in this — but they can damned well point out what problems can occur.

Mr McCain is correct that Mr Bernstein seems to want to repeal human nature: young men and women get horny and want sex, and alcohol loosens the inhibitions which normally restrain such people from being too stupid about it, but the legal implications are now very serious. What seems like a great idea when you’re intoxicated isn’t always so great the next morning, and taking such serious decisions — and the decision to copulate is always a very serious one — when you’re drunk can expose you to the consequences of drunken decisions.

Mr McCain derided Mr Bernstein with the sentence, “All men must submit to feminist re-education, so angry lesbians can teach them to be as meek and harmless as geriatric eunuchs,” but I think that he missed the point. It’s true enough that the radical feminists have a real problem with males being actual men, but what Mr Bernstein was talking about isn’t males being men, but males not being men, males being thugs, males being criminals. Males can be rapists, but actual men are not.

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