Child molestation by the rich and powerful in Delaware

For once, the denizens of the Delaware Liberal are right:

Multimillionaire du Pont family heir was spared jail for raping his three-year-old daughter because judge decided he would ‘not fare well’ behind bars
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Robert H Richards IV, convicted child rapist, who will not spend a day behind bars.

The headline above is from the UK’s Dail Mail

The News Journal’s own headline (Judge said du Pont heir ‘will not fare well’ in prison) also does a good job laying out the brutal facts of the case. The wealthy literally have a different set of rules. They have judges like Jurden and an entire criminal justice system devoted to keeping the screws on the middle and lower classes while ensuring that the well connected 1-per-centers don’t need to feel the slightest discomfort regardless of the egregiousness of their crimes.

If you have memories of the United States before it was completely taken over by depraved and dishonorable plutocrats, this story is madness inducing. If you still harbor some naive sense that our courts and governmental institutions are in place to ensure “liberty and justice for all” then hopefully this story has provided you with a long overdue wake up call.

That’s the whole story, but the critters infesting the DL are similarly outraged in the comments section.

Which brings me to Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, the Honorable Kathleen Kane. Mrs Kane, a Democrat, campaigned for office in part by saying that she wanted to investigate why it took so long to arrest and charge former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky on child molestation charges, trying to blame then-Attorney General and current Governor Tom Corbett (R-PA):

The investigation into Sandusky’s abuse started when a teen, Aaron Fisher, told Clinton County authorities in January 2009 that the former Penn State coach had touched him inappropriately. The case was referred to Centre County’s then-district attorney, Michael Madeira, who referred it to the state attorney general.

Corbett, as attorney general, launched the investigation in March 2009 and used the grand jury to hear testimony in secret from a number of witnesses, including the young men who later were described in the presentment that outlined the charges against Sandusky in November 2011.

Corbett handed off the investigation to Kelly, who was appointed attorney general after he became governor in January 2011.

Kane previously questioned the use of the grand jury, saying it would have been better to have trained investigators and prosecutors investigate instead of everyday people on the grand jury.

Corbett has defended the investigation and has pointed to Sandusky’s conviction in June 2012 as evidence it worked.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D-PA) Click to enlarge.

Did the Sandusky investigation take too long? Possibly, but the state built an airtight case, which took time, a case which insured that Mr Sandusky wouldn’t get away with his crimes; he was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison, which, given that he was already 68 years old, amounts to a life sentence. Mrs Kane, whom Real Clear Politics once described as Pennsylvania’s new “it” girl, now has her own problems, having killed an investigation into Democratic politicians from Philadelphia taking bribes. But, at least in the Keystone State, when the state Attorney General found out about a serious child molestation accusation against a powerful and well-respected man, the Justice Department investigate, prosecuted, and put the pervert behind bars. It seems that Delaware’s Attorney General, who just happens to be the son of Vice President Joe Biden, wasn’t exactly pushing to get Mr Richards thrown in jail.

Maybe the lovely Mrs Kane can investigate Beau Biden?

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